Happy Easter Day!

Tis the season to hunt for colorful eggs. I love hard boiled eggs, so that was always one of my favorite parts of Easter. And then sometimes you’d get the plastic eggs filled with money. That was another one of my favorite parts. Basically, the eggs were Easter for me.

Since I’m not religious and neither was my family, Easter didn’t mean anything about Jesus. It just meant we would all get together, eat, and hunt eggs. Then we’d call it an early night cause it was Sunday after all, and everybody would go home with leftovers.

That was my favorite part of Easter. Not the leftovers, although I usually got to keep the mac n cheese. It was my family. You see, my family was never that into spending time with one another. We weren’t a close family. When I was a kid, we would typically spend one day of the weekend at my dad’s parent’s house, and then the other day we would spend at my mom’s parent’s house. When we were at my dad’s parents, there would almost always be a bunch of others there. Aunts, uncles, cousins. They all knew me, but I was young and only saw them once a week, and there were a million of them. So I never really got to know them.

My mom’s side of the family, however, I only really got to see on holidays or birthdays. And those were the ones I was closest to, mostly because they lived closer to us. Even still, I never really got to see them, so I looked forward to those special times when I could.

A few years ago I disassociated myself with them. I had a falling out, if you will. My cousin told me he didn’t like me and it broke my heart. But then I really started thinking about how he and his sister treated me, and it was never all that great. So then I got mad and decided enough was enough.

It was right at the time when I met my wife, so I started spending holidays with her family, and so far that has been fun. There are moments, and I can imagine this Easter there will be as well, but overall it’s usually a good time.

The thing is, I’m not that big into Easter. Again, because I’m not religious. Easter doesn’t do anything for me. All the pastels, rabbits, eggs, candy… it’s just not for me. And the ham. I’m not a ham person at all, really.

Speaking of which, what’s up with Easter and Christmas being ham holidays? The Bible, which speaks of Jesus a little, also said somewhere (I think) that pork is not good to eat, yet Jesus’s two days of the year are celebrated by eating ham.

Eh. Please don’t come on here and correct me if I’m wrong on that point, I really don’t care. I just don’t like ham.

With this Easter I’ve learned that my wife likes to get a gift for her godson, and she just realized she forgot to order the thing she was going to get him this year, so she’s just going to give him money. I suggested ordering it and just giving it to him when it comes in, since he has no idea he’s getting anything anyway. No, it has to be an Easter gift.

Is that unusual to you? It is to me, we never did gifts on Easter. Except for one time when I was a kid, I really really really really really really really really really really wanted this one toy. It was a semi from the cartoon M.A.S.K., one of my favoritist cartoons ever. And for whatever reason, my frugal mom decided she would get it for me and give it to me as a wrapped gift on Easter. I must’ve been five or six. Do you know what I remember about that Easter besides getting that gift? My mom saying, “Don’t get used to this.”

Good thing I didn’t. That was the only Easter gift I ever got. But amidst all of the other Easters I’ve had, it stands out as probably my most favorite. I really wanted that semi.

If I still had these toys, I’d still be playing with them. Seriously.

Speaking of M.A.S.K., from what I hear a comic book of the series is out now, which I’ll have to get, and there’s a major motion picture of it in the works. So if you never heard of M.A.S.K. until now, you’re about to know all about it soon. The movie, if done right, will be amazing.

Anyway, happy Easter n what not. Do you give gifts at all on Easter? What was your favorite Easter?


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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3 Responses to Happy Easter Day!

  1. joey says:

    We do the baskets for our kids. We hide them, they find them, they whoop and laugh and eat the fings.
    I make deviled eggs. Some years the kids like to dye the eggs and sometimes they don’t. I don’t care.
    We Do put gifts in there. Because too much candy is bad, and I am a mean mama.
    My mother always did the baskets, too. I remember one year when I was away at school, she sent me a basket shaped like a bunny and it had little wines and cheeses and stuff like that. It was very cool, and definitely my all-time fave.
    I like ham more than Jesus stuffs.


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