Word Of The Day: Chicharrones

I can’t help it, I’m completely addicted to chicharrones. For those of you who don’t speak chicharron language, it roughly translates into “fried pork skins” or “pork rinds.” I’ve always liked them, and they’re my go-to chip if I want a snack but nothing looks good. Except for lately, I can’t seem to get enough of them.

0 carbs! What?!

Baken-ets are okay, but I’m not a fan of the flavored chicharrones. I like the good ol’ regular ones. I like how after you eat a few, your throat gets all blocked with chicharron goodness and you HAVE to have a drink of something to dislodge it all, or you’ll die. Snacks aren’t good if your life doesn’t come into question.

Speaking of your life, these are deep fried pork skins with salt added. Sure, no carbs, but THEY’RE DEEP FRIED PORK SKINS WITH SALT. The chances of enjoying these and not knocking years off your life are nil.

But they’re so worth it. Mmm. Especially when you get the ones that are a little overdone and ultra crunchy. Oh yeah. However, I’m not a fan of cracklins. I used to be, but one ultra hot and humid summer day I was outside all day drinking nothing but beer. Then I got the drunk munchies, so I devoured a bag of cracklins, then later threw them up. So yeah, no more cracklins.

My favorite brand of chicharrones is Mac’s.

Again, I only like original, but there are so many flavors out now, I might have to try some. When I was growing up there was only regular, BBQ, and hot. While I’ve tried them all, the original is the only I’ve ever cared for. That could change with these other flavors, if I could only find them.

What really pisses me off is, they’re hard to find. A lot of places, if they carry them, only carry small bags, and usually only the BBQ or hot. I went to Walmart the other day and in that bigass chips aisle, they had ONE bag of chicharrones and I almost didn’t see it. Was it a big five pound bag like all the other chips? No. It was small, but it was Mac’s, so I wasn’t too upset.

If you have a Dollar Tree near you, they sell smallish bags of Mac’s original flavor chicharrones for a dollar. Excellent.

While searching around for pictures of these, I discovered Think Geek has bags of Angry Birds Chicharrones for $5.99! Guess who’s going to be ordering them…

Lastly, of all the brands I’ve had, and they’ve all been good so far, the only ones that I had any issues with were the Kroger brand. What’s nice is, they’re almost always in stock and they’re big bags for less than $2. But sometimes they can be real flaky. Never mind all the flakes on your shirt, these would flake when biting into them, and if I happened to breathe in when biting, they would get caught in my throat and I’d choke and cough like crazy. No bueno.


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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5 Responses to Word Of The Day: Chicharrones

  1. orbthefirst says:

    Back home there was a lady Id see in the summer with a food cart that sold big ass pieces of those with half cobs of corn soaked in butter and rolled in sea salt. OMFG. THEY WERE SO GOOD. LOVED. THAT SHIT.
    Lady didnt speak a lick of english, but it was ok, and she remembered me every year. It was awesome.
    Also, “Snacks aren’t good if your life doesn’t come into question.” cracked me up. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joey says:

    Mmm, yes, pork rinds are tasteh. 😛 Venture into your local Supermercado 🙂


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