What They Be Doin’ Now? Everclear

Yeah, they’re still around, and no, not in the original form. Like most bands from the 90s who are still kicking, they went through some personnel changes.

They formed in 1991 and put out some albums, which made them pretty popular, with hit songs like “Wonderful,” “I Will Buy You A New Life,” “Father Of Mine,” and this…

Their popularity carried them from the mid-90s into the 2000s, but (as far as I know) they fell off the map. I could be wrong, because when they started, they were rock enough that they got played on the local rock station, but the more popular they got the more they started putting out lighter rock and they were no longer played on the local rock station, rather, the local top 40 station, which I stay away from.

I was never a big enough fan of theirs to buy any music, but I always liked hearing the radio tracks. One of the reasons I never got really big into them is because I heard fame turned them into dicks.

Back when their album “Sparkle And Fade” came out (which produced “Santa Monica”) and they were getting real popular, my buddy Joe and I were hanging out at a local music store we liked to frequent called CD World. One of the chicks working there, whom we knew pretty well from going in all the time, told us that she had met the band back before they got popular and they were a lot of fun to hang out with and really good guys. Then she saw them at a party after “Sparkle And Fade” came out and said they wouldn’t even talk to her or any of the fans.

That always stuck with me. Regardless, how about we figure out just what in the hell they be doin’ now.

Like I said, they’re still around, putting out music, and going on tour. This year they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their hit album “So Much For The Afterglow” and I realized just how old I’m getting. Green Day recently celebrated 20 years since their hit major label debut “Dookie” came out. Yeah, this is the decade for all of the 90s bands to celebrate 20+ years for something.

Everclear is going on the road to celebrate the anniversary and they’ll be playing the entire album front to back, similar to what Green Day did with “Dookie.” On the tour they’ll be playing with Vertical Horizon and Fastball. I don’t know shit about Vertical Horizon, but I’m a fan of Fastball. Them going on tour means I know the answer to what they’re doing now, so I won’t have to ask it.

If you’re curious as to how popular Everclear is now, do a Google search. The alcohol they share a name with comes up first.

About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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3 Responses to What They Be Doin’ Now? Everclear

  1. orbthefirst says:

    Great tune! Almost makes me miss radio, with all the ads & such. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jaded Jeni says:

    It always makes me cringe when bands (or other famous fucks) let their fame go to their heads and get all shitty. Almost makes me not want to listen to their shit anymore. Almost. Good post, babe!

    Liked by 2 people

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