McDonald’s Is At It Again

I’ve given up on them. You know this. McDonald’s sucks and I’m done dealing with their shit. I’ve had it. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to keep others from eating there. If they can still put up with their shit, more power to them.

The other day the wife and I were out driving around and she decided she was hungry, as it was about lunch time. I was hungry too. So naturally she decided she wanted McDonald’s. Because I literally do everything for her happiness, I took her to McDonald’s so she could get something to eat. Let it be noted that I did NOT get anything, not even a drink, and I actually didn’t eat anything until I got home.

Why is this worth mentioning? Well, like the title of this piece said, they’re at it again. Once again proving why I’m done with them. Saddle up, this is a good one.

We went inside so that we could use the bathroom. That’s all McDonald’s is good for. For me to expel my bodily fluids on their property. We then went to the counter and she ordered two double cheeseburgers, made to order, with tomato. She also got a drink, but that isn’t part of the story.

We paid and stood back with the others waiting for their food by the fountain drink machine. As far as the receipt was concerned, her order was placed 100% correct.

A few moments went by and a lady who didn’t take Jen’s order called out to her, asking what she ordered. The lady was dressed like a manager. Again my wife said her order. Two double cheeseburgers, made fresh, add tomato. I watched the lady repeat it.

We waited another couple minutes and then her order was ready. Even though we said we were dining in, the lady put her two sandwiches in a bag. Fine, whatever. I only bring that up for later.

We went and sat down and I pulled out my phone to give me something to do while she was eating. She unwrapped the first burger and sighed loudly. I looked up from my phone. I’m sure you already know.

There were no tomatoes on either burger. The wrappers for each one had a special ticket taped to them that had the special instructions printed on them. So, the person who made the burgers saw those tickets and read them to know to make them fresh, made them fresh, saw those tickets, and still didn’t put tomatoes on. Then they taped those tickets to the wrappers. Nobody checked the order’s accuracy or even asked the girl, “Hey, did you put tomatoes on those?” Remember when they put a sticker on your bag saying they double checked for accuracy? Well, they didn’t then, either.

“LOL JK!” – McDonald’s

That’s three people this information went through, and it still didn’t get done.

She asked me to go back up and have it taken care of, except she also added to be nice about it. Then why send me at all? I’ve been waiting for this kind of shit so I could blow up at someone.

She put the burgers back in the bag and I took them up to the counter. The manager lady asked what was wrong and I just handed her the bag. She opened them and immediately saw the problem, so she handed them back to the cook and told her to put tomatoes on them. She then asked me if I wanted the entire order made fresh again and I said no, just put the tomatoes on them. Just for kicks I should’ve said yes to see if they’d screw up the order again. Damn.

Since day one.

The girl in the back put the tomatoes on, re-wrapped them in the same wrappers, and put them back in the same bag. Remember the bag?

When she handed it back to the manager lady, the manager lady took the burgers back out of the bag, got a new bag, and put the burgers in it, then handed it to me.

What was the purpose of that? That’s wasting a bag, and a tree. I’m no tree hugger, but damn lady, that’s COST. I’m sure the higher ups would be real happy to see you wasting a perfectly good bag.

So was she trying to make it look as perfect as possible by putting them in a new bag? There was nothing wrong with the old bag! I seriously have no idea what the purpose of that was. It’s not like I went up there ranting and raving about the shitty bag they put the food in.

Regardless, this is why I’m never eating there again. And yeah, I know they have the tastiest Coke on the planet, but guess what. I was a fan of Coke before them, and I’m a fan of Coke after them. Fuck McDonald’s.


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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7 Responses to McDonald’s Is At It Again

  1. joey says:

    I am on day six of no real soda and you’re over here wrappin up with COKE. Fuck you.

    Also, this shit cracks me up, but only when it doesn’t happen to me! 😛

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  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Maybe the whole clusterfuck counted as a transaction…and that the bag was part of the transaction. Likely wrong.

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  3. Arionis says:

    Even though you went inside I still think the immortal words of Leo Getz applies here…

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    • Matt Roberts says:

      Yeah they do. And with the way they do, you almost always have to go in to get your stuff just so you’re already there when you have to have them fix it. I mean, I’m all for the minimum wage increase, but they seriously need to hire smarter kids at these places cause they really don’t deserve more than $9 an hour.

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