Getting An Uber

There’s one thing that pisses me off more than anything else with riders, and that is where to pick them up. Most often the issue comes from them being at a business location, but not putting that business in their pickup location.

Most people just use the option to get picked up from where the GPS pin says they are, and then the driver gets an address. That’s awesome, at least we get an address. That works when picking up from a residence, most of the time. But when they’re leaving from some store in a shopping plaza, that pin/address thing sucks.

Not all businesses have their address visible on the front of their buildings. If you’re at a BP gas station, put into your location “BP” and guess what… it will pop up exactly where you’re at. I know! Technology! Then the driver will know exactly where to get you from and there won’t be any confusion.

Typically it’s not too much of an issue, but I’ve had people yell at me for taking too long to get them. Or if I pass their spot and have to circle around the block they’ll call me and ask if I’m lost. Well yeah, I am lost because you didn’t PUT IN THE NAME OF THE FUCKING BUSINESS WHERE YOU’RE AT!

There’s a bar that’s really popular for getting rides. I’ve taken a lot of people there, and that’s never an issue. But when I have to pick them up, the GPS acts all kinds of goofy there because of where the bar is located. So on my end it will say “Drive to the pin on the map, near (bar’s name).” And I’ll know I’m going to that bar.

Residence pickups can also be screwy if you don’t know the address where you’re at. It’s not really hard to find that info, but some people just have no clue. On more than one occasion I’ve had the pickup location tell me to go to, for instance, 4900-4999 Whatever Road. I’ll get there to discover that all of the addresses are either before 4900 or after 4999, so I literally have no idea where to get them from other than just to be on that street.

Here’s another tip. If you’ve got a driver coming to get you, don’t change your pickup location. Stay where the fuck you’re at. The only time I ever have people change their pickup location is when I’m downtown amidst all of the road traffic, foot traffic, construction, and where every street is a one way. Twice in the last month I’ve gotten to the pickup spot and waited for over 5 minutes before all of a sudden the location changes and I suddenly have to drive around several blocks to get to where they’re at.

Today I had to do an Uber Eats delivery. I got the food and made my way to the drop off. The address I was given was 1 Neumann Way. I found out the hard way that that is the address for the main GE plant here in Cincinnati. It’s huge, employs a bajillion people, and is basically its own city. The guy who ordered the food works there, so he’s more than knowledgeable about how big it is and how many people work there. Not to mention all of the entrances, the gates, the guards who guard those gates and want to know just who the fuck you are when you come pulling up all willy nilly.

Did he tell me what gate to go to? Or what building he was in? No. Just that he was at GE. “Come find me, mother fucker!” This just goes to show that people who are extremely book smart can sometimes have absolutely no common sense.

One issue with a lot of Uber drivers is not knowing the details of rides before accepting the ride. On our end when a request comes in, it shows us the rating of the person requesting the ride and how far away they are in minutes. That’s it. We don’t know their name, gender, ethnicity, the exact address or location of where they’re at, and we especially don’t know where they’re going.

A lot of the drivers don’t like that, because most of the drivers are doing this part time and they’re working around other schedules. So they don’t want to take long rides, even though those are worth more money. They want nothing but quick, short trips. If they have to go pick up their kids from somewhere at 9 and they get a ride at 8:30, is it going to be a quick trip down the street, or is it going to be across town? They don’t know.

Personally, I don’t care either way. I’ll go anywhere. But I get their complaint and I hope it gets changed soon. Although to be honest, seeing all of that info while driving could be distracting.

However, that isn’t in play now, and riders don’t know that. I only get their exact pickup location (or whatever they put in the system) after I accept the ride, and I don’t get any information on where they’re going until after I pick them up and start the trip. Some people will get in the car and ask if I got the address, and I have to tell them I don’t know yet because I haven’t started the trip yet. Usually this isn’t a problem.

But, the other night it was. This idiot asshole fuck requested a ride and as soon as I accepted it he sent me a text. Here’s how that conversation went. Keep in mind that I’m trying to text WHILE DRIVING, which I fucking hate.

Him: You cool with this far of a drive
Me: I don’t know where I’m taking you, but I don’t mind long trips.
Him: Cool
Him: You have the address
Me: Where we going?
Him: You have the directions
Me: Not yet. I don’t get that til I start the trip.

I already told him I don’t care how long the drive is, but that wasn’t good enough. After my last text to him he canceled the ride. No problem, I have his name and address, I can send him a nice personalized letter if I want. And I just might. The good news is, the area of town he was in doesn’t get a lot of Uber drivers, so I’m sure he had to wait a good long time for another ride to come through. As soon as he canceled it, I got hit for another ride.

And hey, one last tip. If you’re a rider in a surge area and you want to wait until the surge dies before getting a ride, good luck to you. I’ve had people get me as a driver while during a surge, and then as soon as the surge is over but before I get them, they’ll cancel the ride and then request one again so they don’t have to pay the surge prices. I don’t know about other drivers, but I don’t play that shit. You’re literally taking money out of my pocket right in front of me. Whenever that happens, I don’t accept the ride again. You fucked me, I’m fucking you.

What it boils down to is, if you’re at a business or landmark, make sure the name of it is in your pickup location. Don’t yell at the driver or ask if they were lost. Don’t change your pickup location after the driver has been waiting for you. And don’t be a stupid dick knuckle. And if you must contact the driver when they’re obviously driving, call them, but make sure it’s fucking important.


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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7 Responses to Getting An Uber

  1. Arionis says:

    I never knew you didn’t know the destination before accepting the ride. That seems like an important piece of information you should know before hand. Doesn’t make sense to me. One thing I would like to ask you though, as you are quickly becoming my Uber source of information. Where do you (or other drivers) prefer your riders to sit? Up front or in the back? Or doesn’t really matter? When I get in an Uber car alone I always get in the back and then I wonder if the driver thinks I am being standoffish.

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  2. joey says:

    Interesting. I can imagine the GE thing, like any other large building with multiple entrances. I’d never tell my husband to pick me up at the mall. I’d say at Sears or Macy’s or food court. How long do I wanna stand there while he drives around?!? People are weird.
    Uber didn’t work for us. We could never get people to take us home. They wanna stay downtown and take more riders. Fifteen minutes home is 30 minutes for them, and who’s gonna wanna go back downtown after they drop us off at 2am? No one. That happened so many times, we just have the bartender call a cab.
    If I lived downtown, I’d just freakin walk, but I don’t.

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    • Matt Roberts says:

      I take those rides all the time. Uber drivers need to get the sticks out of their asses. If it’s a surge and you’re going a long distance, that’s more money for the driver. Why wouldn’t they take those? Blows me away. But on the flip side, if it’s a surge, you’d probably be better off taking a cab anyway, as they don’t have surges and it might be cheaper for you. I tell my customers that all the time.

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