Strange News Sunday – Celebrity Politicians

Ronald Reagan was an actor and became President. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor and became Governor of California. Jesse Ventura was a pro wrestler and became Governor of Minnesota. Donald Trump was an all around piece of shit human being and became President.

This should show that anybody can actually become an important person in politics. You can literally be whatever you want to be when you grow up.

The problem is, you should be able to know what you’re doing when you become whatever it is you want to become. Hey, I’d love to be a millionaire, but if I became one I wouldn’t know how to act. I’d wind up owning a trailer park exclusively for half-million dollar trailers and in the very center of it would be a Taco Bell. That’s not how a responsible millionaire acts.

We don’t have many stipulations on things, all the way up to being the leader of the “greatest” country on earth. All you have to do is get the most votes… or wait… suck the most coc… wait… I’m not sure. But it now seems that anybody can become President, and that scares me. There are people who just shouldn’t hold that office. On the flip side, if just anybody could hold it, then maybe it isn’t that great a position to hold.

Regardless, the trend continues today with gold medal Olympian and former man, Caitlyn Jenner. She said recently that she wants to run for office one day.

“I have considered it. I like the political side of it,” she said. “The political side of it has always been very intriguing to me. Over the next six months or so, I gotta find out where I can do a better job… Yea, but I would look for a senatorial run.”

Cool, good luck to her. Hopefully she’ll look into what actually goes on in that role before running. Maybe she’ll be good, maybe she won’t. Regardless of how good she is, I hope she does right by the people she represents.

But, that isn’t really the strange news. No, a woman who used to be a man, who is running for senate, isn’t the strange news.

Seven times platinum rapper/rock/country singer Kid Rock says he’s going to run for Senate of Michigan. Not only that, but he’s going to continue putting out music if he becomes Senator. He’s already released some new songs. I heard one and only got through 60 seconds of it before I turned it off. I’m not much of a fan of his, if you couldn’t tell.

Some say it could just be a publicity stunt, while Kid Rock says it is not a hoax. You can actually go to and check out what he intends to do. The main picture that comes up first is laughable. It looks Photoshopped, and badly. “Made In Detroit” stands out on the window blind, while next to Rock is a stuffed buck. The only wildlife that runs around Detroit are the citizens of Detroit.

He claims he’s always been a voice for the people, but I’ve never heard that voice, and quite frankly I don’t want his voice to represent me. Thankfully he’ll just be running Michigan and not Ohio. But he’ll still be too close for comfort. And I’m sure Detroit will be made ghetto fabulous if he wins.

But like with Jenner, or anybody running for political office, I just hope he does right by the people he represents and does a good job. Political positions, especially the larger ones, are held by too many WRONG people. People who have forgotten they work for us and not themselves. We should be the first thing they work for, not their bank accounts.


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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