Feeling Yucky

Back in October I discovered I was diabetic. I don’t know how long before that I was, but after I found out, I started on insulin and Metformin. By January my diabetes was gone. So I was taken off of insulin but kept on Metformin, which I still take.

The problem with Metformin is, one of the side effects, which is the only one I deal with, makes you shit a whole lot. Just usually for a day. Diarrhea, stomach pains, energy destroyed, kinda shits. I got in trouble at my last job for calling off so much because of this. But when it hits, it ruins my life for 24 hours. 

Because it was so bad and quite often, my doctor lowered my dose from 1000mg twice a day to 500mg twice a day. And it helped a lot. Now I only get these bad days every blue moon.

Well wouldn’t you know it. Yesterday was one of those days. And it was bad. Every time I used the bathroom, it was like my body was trying to shit stuff out that wasn’t there. After the initial gas and squirts were gone, my body would wretch constantly trying to rid itself of nothing. This made me extremely weak, tired, and made my stomach sore as hell. Not to mention my ass was on constant fire from all the chocolate water spraying from it and all the wiping.

After a rough night last night I woke up this morning and, as is typical, I felt great. And I was relieved to have yesterday in the history books.

Except much to my dismay, it wasn’t over. I then went through it all again today, except on a much smaller scale. Except that after yesterday, that smaller scale wasn’t small enough. It was like if you got jumped the day before and beat down, only to have someone put you in a bear hug today. 

I’m only really writing this to say that because of all that, and even though I’m feeling better now, I’m still completely exhausted. I realized that today is Tuesday and it is almost over, so I thought I should say that YouTube Tuesday is not happening today. Not that many of you are affected by this, but I do like to keep up on things I started.

Hell, I’m sitting on my couch now typing this up on my blog app on my phone. So in lieu of a video, you get this. Me talking about poop. 

Hopefully things will be completely back to normal tomorrow and I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things. I’d love to finish any one of the blogs I started recently and haven’t finished. Tomorrow you might get my review of The Dark Tower. Here’s a hint. Go see it. 


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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8 Responses to Feeling Yucky

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    I hope you feel better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. orbthefirst says:

    Feel better man. I have stomach issues like that a few times a week since my gall bladder surgery. It fuckin sucks, I know.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Arionis says:

    That was one shitty post Matt. Not a review, just a statement of fact on the subject matter and a lame attempt to give you a chuckle. Hope you feel better.

    Liked by 1 person

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