Moray, Peru

Windows just shoved this in my face.

UFO Landing Ground

How could I not look that up?

Turns out it’s Moray, Peru, which you knew coming into this article. Moray is an archaeological site containing strange Inca stuff, like the picture above. It consists of these beautiful circle steps that stretch nearly 100 feet from bottom to the top. There’s also an irrigation system, cause that’s how the Inca do.

They knew how to grow crops, too, and this site seems to be, in theory, a place where they tried growing stuff at different temperatures to see how good or bad the crops might be depending on the weather. Does that sound like maybe they were ahead of their time? Well yeah, they were. After all, they had irrigation. Oh, and the design of these circular steps actually controls the weather.

There’s a 27 degree Fahrenheit difference in temperature from the bottom to the top of that giant cereal bowl. Say what?

How freaking beautiful is that? No wonder the Inca’s decided to call this place home. We’ve already established they weren’t stupid.

There’s a bunch of other archaeological sites here with different cool things to take a look at, so if you’d like to see this in person, you actually have more to go for than just these giant irrigated steps. Spend a week there, you’ll probably have a great time.

Plus you’ll get to look at stuff like this.


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I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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