Strange News Sunday: Looners And Ectosexuals

This is a good week for strange sexual encounters. I understand fetishes, but seriously, some of these people have gone off the deep end. I’m sure going off the deep end is also a fetish to somebody.

This woman, named Maggy BerLoon, tells the press that her and her husband enjoy having sex with balloons. Interestingly enough, they own a balloon company. And their last name is BerLoon.

Maggy BerLoon sleeps with balloons. Yes, that’s her name. Source

But, but, but, wouldn’t they pop? Good question, and it has an answer. Yes, the balloons sometimes pop, and the couple says there is an excitement about them possibly popping that also turns them on.

If you think this is strange, consider a lot of people enjoy sleeping with blowup dolls, and wouldn’t that be kind of the same thing? Then again, you may find that strange also. However, I find sleeping with blowup dolls interesting, yet find these “Looners” who sleep with regular every day balloons kinda strange. More power to them.

My favorite story, though, involves a woman who impersonates famed movie pirate Jack Sparrow, who just a few years ago married the spirit of a pirate named “Jack.” Yeah, she married him. Legally. She had to do so over international waters so that it would be legal, but even still, it was legal.

That’s fine. As a believer in ghosts, as ridiculous as I admit this is, I can get behind it. She’s not hurting anybody, and if she believes she’s married to a spirit, hell yeah, more power to her.

A beautiful picture of Amanda Teague and her ghost husband on their wedding day. Source

Having sex with him, however, is a whole other story. My wife dubbed her an “ectosexual” – someone who enjoys sex with ghosts or spirits. So this woman had a sexual relationship with her ghost husband, an over 300-year-old pirate. I don’t think I believe this one so much as I do the marriage.

However, she recently came out and said the relationship is over. She didn’t give details, saying those would come at a later time (which means I’ll have another story soon for Strange News Sunday) but said that one should be careful when dealing with the spirit realm.

No word on if she ever thought she’d have a ghost baby. Or if she had a ghost baby and never told anybody.


About Matt Roberts

I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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