Strange News Sunday: Komodos And Barrels

I wrote once before about people doing stupid shit and being rewarded for it by being named a world record holder. Like a group of people who decided to stand in formation and look from above as a giant clover. Or a Pi symbol. And then I wrote of the idiots who weren’t clever enough to think up something stupid and create their own world record, but they redid those aforementioned attempts and BROKE the previous records.


Well guess what. Someone else decided to break a record, and it’s his OWN record! But the first time he set the record, he was breaking it from someone else.

Man Breaks Own Record For Sitting In A Barrel At The Top Of A Pole

How the hell did the original guy come up with that? Pick one from Category A, and one from Category B. See how many fun combinations you can make!

Eighty feet, eh? I’m going to do him one better. I’m going to do 81 feet for twice as long as he did it.

What’s that?

Oh, he’s still breaking his record? And he’s been up there 2 months? And I’m scared of heights? Fuck that, I’m good.

The original record was 54 days by some British person. Vernon Kruger first broke that record in 1997 with 67 days. Now he’s going for 80.

He gets food, his bed, and his bodily waste all given to and taken away from him via bucket on a pulley. He has a crew working for him, people to talk to on the ground, and apparently nothing else to do.

So uh, good for him?

This next story doesn’t have much to go on but the headline really. So I’ll leave you with it.

Komodo Dragon Destroyed BBC Camera After Trying To Mate With It

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I am an author of horror and things near it. I enjoy nightmares and bad B horror flicks.
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4 Responses to Strange News Sunday: Komodos And Barrels

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Wow. Eighty feet. That’s incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

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