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Have you heard of Patagonia? Not the stores or businesses, but the place. THE PLACE! It’s pretty awesome, actually. Located at the very southern tip of South America, it includes several places, like Argentina, Chile, and some of the Andes … Continue reading

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2017 Mothman Festival

As a surprise, the wife scheduled a trip for us to the 16th annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV. Cause she LOVES me. If you don’t know about the Mothman, then you don’t know shit. So back in the … Continue reading

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Wastwater, England

I once brought up Port Isaac and how fantastical it was. I also brought up how it was one of the random pictures that show up on my Windows 10 lock screen. Welp, here’s another. This is the picture that … Continue reading

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Port Isaac, Cornwall, England

The wife and I, for the longevity of our union, have talked about where we’d move to if we could. I’ve mentioned Maine before because Stephen King, and she’s mentioned San Diego before because she was born there but moved … Continue reading

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