YouTube Tuesday – SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)

An old buddy of mine just shared this on the forum and it blew me away. Damn this is good stuff. Those folks over at Bad Lip Reading really know what they’re doing. Enjoy.

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13 Stories 2017

Ladies and guys, I have been invited to do 13 Stories Til Halloween again this year. I’m stoked to have been asked back, and always love working with that bunch of writers, no matter who’s writing that year. It’s always fun and extra creepy. Fun for the whole family.

I just got word that the two awesomely amazing ladies who run the operation are having health issues right now, and while they should be fine in the near future, 13 Stories might get postponed this year, or maybe even skipped.

Sucks, I know. But, it’s for a good reason. We need those ladies to get as much rest and relaxation as they can to get better and get moving again.

Should the stories get skipped this year, and since I’ve already written my story, I’ll share it on my author blog the last week of October. Otherwise, keep checking here for updates, if any happen, and I’ll let you know what’s going on!

Oh man, my story is super awesome too.

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Live Friday Nights: REO Speedwagon – Ridin’ The Storm Out

I worked in a gas station for a while, and the music station we left on in the store always played a live version of this and it was amazing. I can’t find it on video form, so I’m guessing it’s from one of their live albums with no video footage. Which sucks. Regardless, this version is the best live version of the song I could find on YouTube that isn’t the one I heard. And it rocks pretty damn good.

Sorry this one is late this week, I had a long, rough day.

I dedicate this to those affected by the hurricanes this year. They’ve been bad. I hope y’all are okay.

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Ubering A Millionaire

From time to time I get requests from people to take them somewhere “off the clock.” I log out of Uber and they pay me cash. If I can do it, I do it. I have one repeat customer who always pays me well, and I’ve had some other awesome folks keep my number just in case. I love it. Not to brag, at all, but I hear all the time from my riders that I’m the best Uber driver they’ve ever had. Or the coolest. It truly makes me feel good. It’s a shame I hate being around them. Not because of them, but because of the anxiety I live with that makes me hate being around people. Every time I hear one say I’m awesome, it takes that anxiety away a bit.

My wife works in a hotel and she’s regularly calling me to take one of her guests somewhere, usually off the clock. And because of where she works, sometimes those people happen to be really cool people who do big things. A few months back I took a guy from her hotel to our major airport, and he was one of the main people in charge of bringing the new Amazon Flex delivery service to all of the Amazon locations.

Today was yet another one of those days. Jen called and said she had a guy who was going to the Cincinnati Eye Institute and would later need a ride to the airport. When it came time, I went and waited for him, then picked him up. An older guy, half blind because of whatever procedure he had done, he turned out to be really cool and told me all about his life. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this, which I don’t suspect he would, considering there’s about to be a book published about his life. Here’s the short version of it all.
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YouTube Tuesday – Burs

I’ve been having a tough time lately with different things, but mostly I’ve had a tough time getting on the computer. I’ve looked forward all day to getting on here and posting this and writing about three other blogs I’ve been thinking about these last few weeks, but I just couldn’t get to it. I also have stories and books that I’ve been ignoring because I just can’t get on the computer. I look at it from across the room, and it looks at me, but then we do our separate things.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get on here more, very soon, because I got things that need to get done. In the meantime, here’s a late but worthy YouTube Tuesday.

I’m not sure who found this first or how, I think maybe the wife did somehow. But it’s an instant classic. It sucks so good, and on purpose. Not much can be said about this to prepare you for its greatness, but if you keep an eye on the things the guys are doing while in the video, you’ll see some amazingly un-hard things going on.


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Here is the official (my official, anyway) banner for YouTube Tuesdays. Use it if you like, just right click and save picture as.

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Live Friday Nights: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me The Breeze

I think it should be known that I am a fan of, and not a fan of, Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’m a fan of THE Lynyrd Skynyrd, but I am not a fan of the current Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I’ve always wanted to see them live, you know, so I could proverbially check them off my list of bands that I should see before I die. Unfortunately there are those few that I’ll never be able to see, like The Doors, Pink Floyd, or even Chuck Berry now. So maybe one day I will see the Skynyrd before they stop or I die. Who knows, maybe they’ll just keep replacing members and keep playing until the end of time. Lynyrd Skynyrd might outlive all of us.

The reason I don’t care for the new version of them is, I watched a concert of theirs from Louisville, Kentucky from just a few years ago. And I was not impressed. The music sounded right, and the singing sounded right, but it seemed like they were all just phoning it in. The drummer changed tempo so many times in songs that it seemed to me like he had no idea what a tempo was. And that pissed me off.

Anyway, here’s a video of the original Skynyrd, rocking it out in England on the late night music program The Old Grey Whistle Test, which often had awesome bands of the time perform there. This is one of my favorite songs by Skynyrd (which isn’t BY them, but…), and one of the best live versions I’ve heard.

I apologize in advance for the audio on this. It’s not very loud. But it still rocks.

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