YouTube Tuesday – Excavators Doing Awesome Things

Big machines acting like little machines? No way. These excavators are huge and do their specific jobs effortlessly, which is what they were designed to do. But, they can use those skills they have, with the addition of excellent operators, to do some really cool things that you would never expect. This video shows us some really cool things these big machines can do!


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Terrible Commercials: Sea Watch Resort

I’m having a hard time with this. Officially this is a terrible commercial because in and of itself, it’s absolutely fucking terrible. But, it’s so terrible that it’s amazingly awesome. This rarely happens, but when it does, it’s like spotting a sasquatch in a dog park playing a bagpipe. So while it’s listed here as a terrible commercial, I’m also putting it under the Great Commercials too, just because.

No, it wasn’t an accident.

The commercial was, but not the placement on this blog.

I love this so much because it’s just SO BAD. This Sea Watch place, if they put double the effort into pleasing their guests as they did this commercial, I’d never want to stay there.

How could any business put out a commercial like this and think it was okay? Maybe, MAYBE a mom and pop kinda place who has limited funds, but a fucking Myrtle Beach resort? Holy shit, they give absolutely no fucks.

This goofus guy obviously has money, cause his house looks big and nice, and he’s got a hot super model worthy wife, which means he has to be rich, cause there’s no way he’d land her otherwise. And he can afford to take his family of 5 to Myrtle Beach and stay in a resort, even though this particular resort comes across as a 2 star motel resort.

He says he needs a vacation, and we can only assume he needs one away from his annoying fucking family, but no, he takes all of them with him. And then, somehow, somewhere, a black dude and his kid takes over the commercial. We haven’t been introduced to him at all, but there he is taking up camera time, instead of the white family. That’s fine, just very strange. Does he know the white family? Is he tag teaming the white wife with the goofus guy?

Oh man, I just can’t stop watching it, it’s so bad.

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Live Friday Nights: Metallica – Now That We’re Dead

Let’s get three things out of the way first. 1) I don’t care for Metallica that much, mostly as people, but everything after the Black Album has basically sucked for me. It’s like they tried to experiment with each album but they didn’t do anything worthy of even trying. They should have stuck with what they knew. 2) I really don’t care for Lars as a person or even as a drummer. Most of the time when I hear them live, he changes tempo so much and so drastically that it’s laughable. And because of this, 3) I don’t care for them as a live band. I think they’re really soft, or at least that’s how the recordings come off. Maybe it’s heavier in concert. I don’t know. But they’re supposed to be the greatest metal band of all time or some shit and their live stuff just comes off as weak.

Maybe it is just the recordings. Because both times I’ve seen AC/DC live they were heavy and loud as fuck. But the last couple of live DVDs they’ve put out have sounded very soft, and it pisses me off. Where’s the sound? Why doesn’t it translate?

Regardless, I don’t like Lars and his playing sucks live, so because of that, I just don’t really care to see them live, ever. Even if I was given a ticket for free.

Oh, there’s a fourth. I don’t like James’s voice anymore. Now that he’s gone opera, his voice just doesn’t do it for me. He should’ve continued with the gravely voice until his throat completely went out at age 37. Now THAT’S metal. He would’ve lived on as a god.

That was, until I heard this song. It’s off of their newest album, Hardwired… To Self Destruct, and when I first heard this, I was immediately in love. Lars, if that is him playing, was playing a drum beat that was hypnotic. James was actually gravely in his singing, too.

I looked it up on YouTube to hear it again without interruption (the wife turned the channel on the car stereo the first time I heard it, so I only got to hear the first minute) and found this live video. With extreme hesitation, I decided to check it out, and I was blown away. Awesome performance, and an awesome new tune. Looks like I’ll have to pick this album up.

Philadelphia – May 12th 2017

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I Forgot The Title To This Post

Maybe I’m just getting forgetful in my old age. Maybe the famous side effects of marijuana are taking their toll.

What does what now?

But I’ve been driving my current car for almost a year, and by now you’d think I’d be used to it and everything about it. Especially those things I use all the time. Such as…

Well, here’s the story. Jen had a job interview in Hebron, KY, which is about an hour away from us. I took her there and sat in the car waiting for her. She was in there about an hour, and when she came out I went to start the car and it wouldn’t start. The battery was dead.

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One-Liner Wednesday – Good Husband

This happened a month or two ago, but I keep forgetting to share it. My wife and I had some leftovers from dinner the night before, and they were delicious. There was enough for two servings, so I said to my wife that we could each have some. She said that I could have it all. Later I saw her and she asked if there was any left and I said no, because she said I could eat the rest.

She said something like, “It doesn’t matter what I said. If you were a GOOD husband…”

Without thinking, I answered honestly, “But I’m not.”

It was funny to me.

One-Liner Wednesday is a product of LindaGHill

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While Out Today…

My brakes went out on my car, like, overnight. No squeaking was involved, no warnings. One day they were good, the next day they were grinding. I kept Ubering because I need the cash, but it was getting harder and harder to drown out the grinding, so eventually my riders started to notice.

After three days, I couldn’t do it anymore. Yesterday I drove for two hours and that was enough. Desperate, I called some loan places and nobody would give me or Jen a small loan to have that work done. It doesn’t help that technically neither of us are employed. The only thing I’ll say about this is, the one place that denied us both sent her a letter today saying she pre-qualifies for a loan. HA! Idiots.

I got it all squared away though, my mom was very kind enough to loan me the money, but before I could get to the tire shop today, I had to go see my therapist. When I was done with that I walked to my car and didn’t notice anything wrong. When I started it, a light came on the dash saying a tire was low.

Well golly, I wonder which one.

If you’re not familiar with it, I had issues with one tire leaking for two weeks when a screw was lodged in it. And yes, it was that one. I got on the highway to go to the tire place and when I got off at the exit before it, you know, to get smokes and a coffee, I discovered the tire was completely flat. Like, completely.

Like this, but flatter.

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