Pitfalls Of A Self Publishing Author

Sure, self publishing is my personal choice for publishing a book. For many reasons. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some issues. As far as publishing goes, I’ve published with Lulu in the past, and it was so long ago I can’t remember anything about it. And now I publish with Amazon.

As you should know, I have a book coming out, hopefully tomorrow. In order to get it published on the date I wanted it published on, I was advised by fellow self publisher Benjamin Wallace to publish it several days in advance. That way if it does get published early it has time to get set in the system and have all the kinks worked out in advance to when you start getting orders.

Now, here’s the pitfall I dealt with this time around. My book cover. If you should ever decide to self publish, check this out. This didn’t happen with my first book.

I uploaded the cover file to Amazon’s system. The system said it was too small, even though I made it to their specifications, so I fixed it and uploaded it again. They said it was okay.

I uploaded my manuscript a couple of times and checked it all out in the visual app to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it, which it wasn’t each time I uploaded it, which is why I had to upload it multiple times. I was fixing each issue each time, yet for some reason when I’d fix one issue a new one would pop up. That shouldn’t happen, so I’m not sure if it was the program I was using to write with, or Amazon’s system. I’m leaning away from Amazon’s system, as they upload hundreds of books a minute, I’m sure it knows what it’s doing.
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Lil Horror Stories For The Soul Trailer

Here is the first official trailer for the new book! Check it out and share it!

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Live Friday Nights: John Corabi – Motley Crue Album

Back in the early 90s Vince Neil left Motley Crue (which they barely touched on in the movie The Dirt) and Motley Crue replaced his ass with John Corabi, a killer singer and guitarist from The Scream. They then put out a self titled album that in my opinion and the opinion of many other Crue fans, was the best album they ever put out. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite complete albums, and it was one of my favorite parts of the 90s music scene. Not only is it vastly different from every other Crue album, it’s also a lot heavier.

Unfortunately, the band made up with Vince Neil and John Corabi was left by the wayside, and now (before they retired from playing live) Motley Crue never played songs from that album live because it wasn’t a Vince album. Yet when Corabi was singing Vince’s songs in concert he was killing them.

John Corabi was the best thing to happen to Motley Crue since heroin.

Because it all took place in the early 90s, there’s not a lot of videos, or good ones, of Corabi singing live with Motley Crue, but imagine my absolute delight when the following video popped up on Youtube. It’s John Corabi and his own band covering the entire Motley Crue album he sung on, front to back, and it’s awesome. I posted this more for me than you, but if you can get into it, rock on.

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My New Book

Ladies and gents, I’ve spent the last week putting together my next book. It’s a collection of my short stories, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but never thought I’d actually get around to it. Well, it went together a lot better than I thought it would, and currently the last story for the collection is off to a good friend of mine for editing. She’s actually the one who hand painted the cover to my first book, Hand One Is Dealt. Anyway, as soon as she’s done with this story and all is well, I’ll put it in the book, get it formatted, and it will be available for purchase! I even have a working title for it and a cover! Check it out!

I believe there are eight short stories in it, including my 13 Stories Til Halloween stories, and a couple of my favorites from my author blog that will be taken down since they’ll be available in the book. Also included will be a couple new shorts never seen before and a novella I wrote during National Novel Writing Month a few years back. That’s the one that’s being edited currently.

Keep an eye here (or my Twitter page) for more on when this book will be available for purchase on Amazon!

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Kinda Sick Of It

The first thing that got under my skin was all this hoopla about Stevie Ray Vaughan. What hoopla? On Facebook I followed a couple of classic rock pages because I liked the videos they post of classic bands in concert. But the longer I follow them, the more I see they post the same shit as each other, and the same shit as themselves, all the time.

The biggest one is SRV, every other day they make a post about him. “Born on this day” or “happy birthday” or “died on this day” or “we miss him.” Literally every other day. If they were on his dick any harder they’d be his ball sack. I almost told one page that in the comments but decided not to stir the pot.

Another thing they post constantly is “name a song with _____ in it” or “what’s your favorite singer using gif’s only” or various other topics like this. They post them all the time, the same ones. How many times can you answer this shit? And it’s not like they’re reacting to the thousands of answers they get, they’re just posting to get responses. I’ve had it.

Another thing I’m sick and tired of, are actors who aren’t acting. Today is full of them. Like Seth Rogen, or Jesse Eisenberg, amongst others. They literally play the same person in everything they do, themselves. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy what they do, but at times I get sick of it. But it’s not a new thing. One you might have heard of did the exact same thing, years ago, and quite personally, I’m sick of his shit.

John Wayne.
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Great Commercials: Sandy Hook – Back To School Essentials

Holy shit.

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