Live Friday Nights: Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

This was recorded in 98, back when KYS was a young 19 or so, and he was already a blues legend. He’s so good that Double Trouble hired him to replace SRV. It don’t get much better than that. This is one of my favorites of his, and that’s saying a lot, cause I love almost everything he’s done. The only stuff I don’t love is the stuff I haven’t heard yet. There will be more of him on LFN.

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No More Forum?

I had created the forum associated with this blog for myself, really. I remember having fun on my old forum back in the day, but those days are gone. The few who signed up stopped posting, and it’s kind of lonely over there by myself. Basically I created it so that I would have a place to hang out online without going to those damned social media sites. I hate Facebook, and the rest aren’t good enough for me. Twitter’s fun, but it’s lonely too.

So, I think I’ll discard the forum and just be bored. Unless someone comes along and creates a decent social media site without all the bullshit. But until then, I’ll stay bored.

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Life Is Hard Because You Make It Hard

I know life sucks. Well, for some of you it’s all peaches and cream. You can go to hell. But the rest of you who have hard lives, chances are very good that YOU make your life hard. You can go to hell too.

Today I witnessed a few things that pissed me off. Just because it was people doing stupid shit to make their lives more difficult, or worse yet, make the lives of others more difficult. Completely unnecessarily.

It all started when I was at the airport this morning for Uber, waiting on a ride. In the ride share parking lot we have two portapotties, one for men and one for women. The one for men is regularly horrible, but today it went a step further.

Never mind they have a dumpster there for us to throw stuff away, people have gone into that portapotty and discarded plastic drink bottles. One in the urinal, one in the toilet, one next to the toilet, one on the floor and one on this little shelf thing. No matter that 20 feet away is an accessible dumpster. I wanted to use the urinal, but I couldn’t, because I didn’t want to touch the bottle in it, and I didn’t want to pee on it and have the pee splash back on me.

The toilet seat in there is covered with liquid. I don’t know if it’s pee, most likely it is, but it kinda looked like that blue stuff in the toilet. Either way, it was all over. I tried cleaning some of it up the other day with toilet paper, but afterwards I went to get the hand sanitizer they supply us with and it was out, so I had the smell of whatever the fuck liquid was on the toilet all over my hands.

Do you know why? Because all these clean freaks who insist on a 0% bacteria level on their bodies go to the bathroom there all the time just to get the sanitizer for their hands. And then those who actually use the bathroom there don’t have anything to clean their hands with.

As I left the bathroom I had to pull toilet paper off of my shoes, because it was fucking everywhere in there, except for IN THE TOILET.
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YouTube Tuesday – Jones BBQ And Foot Massage

Everything about this is funny as hell and joke worthy, but the fact that a real phone number is used in the ad makes me wonder. And a bit creeped out.

What was that website again?

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Live Friday Nights: Billy Idol – Mony Mony

Here’s a version from 2001 that isn’t too bad. I couldn’t find the one I wanted, though. Actually I didn’t look very hard. I’m in the middle of something else.

The hot background singer chick is Stella Soleil. If you just said “WHO?!” I can’t answer that. But Idol rocks my socks, so here ya go.

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What They Be Doin’ Now? The Toadies

When Rubberneck came out, their first album, I was hooked. I first heard this song and fell in love.

That was my favorite song off of the album, and still mostly is. The entire album is completely awesome, if you like that sorta thing, and it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite song out of all of them.

Oh, if you’re still not sure who these guys are, they also had this hit.

They had a bunch of other hits, too, but bassist Lisa Umbarger was pissed at their record label and thought they weren’t going to push the band, so she left, which seems to be quite drastic if you ask me, but whatever. The band decided if she was going to leave they were just going to break up, which they did in the early 2000s.

But then they got back together in the late-2000s. I was stoked and wanted to see them live cause I never got a chance the first time around, but once again I was screwed over and wasn’t able to see them. I still haven’t seen them live, despite Rubberneck still being one of my favorite complete albums of all time.

So, just what in the living hell are they up to now?
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