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Strange News Sunday: Komodos And Barrels

I wrote once before about people doing stupid shit and being rewarded for it by being named a world record holder. Like a group of people who decided to stand in formation and look from above as a giant clover. … Continue reading

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Unpopular Opinions – Handicapped Doesn’t Mean Invincible

At some point we lost the ability to say “handicapped.” As George Carlin pointed out once, they’re not handicapped, they’re handicapable. I’ve been seeing this commercial on TV for a while now about donating to the Shriner’s Hospital. They show … Continue reading

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Strange News Sunday: How A-PEEL-ing

Terrible banana joke in the title there. Sorry. I know I usually post two stories for Strange News Sunday, but this week I’m sticking with one, because by God, there’s enough here to make a decent article. Decent, I say, … Continue reading

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Strange News Sunday: Snakes And Fishes And Snakes Oh My!

In our first tale this week, we have a man in Houston who decided one day to go fishing, which is probably something he does regularly. He went to his favorite fishing place and caught something strange. Chase McCray caught … Continue reading

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Strange News Sunday: Aliens!

Ladies and gents, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m here to tell you that there are people in this world who REALLY WANT TO KNOW what’s at Area 51. These particular people, upwards of a million of them, have started … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday: Bosstown Dynamics – Robot Abuse

The guys over at Bosstown (Boston?) Dynamics has a history of picking on their robots. This time the robots fight back. The folding chair cracked me up though. ———————————————————————————— If posting a YouTube video on your blog specifically on Tuesdays … Continue reading

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