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Terrible Commercials: Magic Tracks

I can’t lie, this toy looks pretty cool. I’d get one to play with, but my wife might think it a bit odd. And I can tell I’d be bored with it after playing with it once. Even still, what … Continue reading

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Great Commercials: Snapple Spam Mail

Snapple put out a few really funny commercials along these lines, but this is the one I originally saw and it still cracks me up. If all commercials were like this, commercial breaks wouldn’t be such a pain to sit … Continue reading

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Terrible Commercials: Million Dollar Smile

Every now and then us television viewers are treated to some pretty cool commercials, but all too often, we’re bombarded with the worst of the worst. Commercials that for whatever reason, someone wrote, and someone else said “Yeah, that’s good.” … Continue reading

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