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I’m Back!

WOOHOO! We have internet again! I feel like a whole new person. And I NEVER want to go three or more months without internet ever again. Holy crap that sucked. In that time, I thought long and hard about many … Continue reading

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Great Commercials: Geico – Karate Therapy

Geico knows funny. They’re one company among very few who consistently put out funny commercials. Right now they have about five different commercials all in rotation at the same time, and they’re all funny. I’m sure you have a favorite … Continue reading

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Strange News Sunday – Arresting Winter

From down the street at ABC News’ place comes this fantastic story of a police department in New York getting fed up with winter, so they arrested it. The Depew Police Department announced on their Facebook page that they had … Continue reading

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Great Commercials: State Farm – State Of Chaos

I shared this on my old blog because it’s so awesome, but then I realized I hadn’t shared it here yet. And it’s so good I just couldn’t let that happen. State Farm had a moment of genius with this … Continue reading

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How Fast?

For many decades car manufacturers have been putting complicated, expensive technology into cars just to let us know how fast we’re going. And it’s right there in front of us on the dash, showing us how many miles or kilometers … Continue reading

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Do you remember? When it was last September? Sorry, it’s stuck in my head. Now it’s probably in yours. HA! Don’t you hate it when people say to you, “Remember?” Here’s a fake conversation… PERSON: I don’t know who moved … Continue reading

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