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WTF Spring?

Now that it’s officially Spring, here in the Cincinnati area (as well as many others I’m sure) we had a downfall of snow that equaled about an inch. We were quoted five inches, but only got about an inch. Typical, … Continue reading

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Hunger Nightmares

I hate when I get hungry at inappropriate times. Like 3 AM. Isn’t that the worst? You’re sitting on your couch, watching late night TV cause you just smoked a bowl and late night TV finally makes sense to you. … Continue reading

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I Mean, Literally

As I’ve said before, I’m a fairly literal guy. If you say something, I take it as that. I can sense sarcasm, so it’s not that I’m literal 100% of the time. But because of it, I hear certain things … Continue reading

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I Hate Bon Jovi

I was driving home just now, listening to the most awesome classic rock, when all of a sudden the station I was listening to decided to play Bon Jovi. It made me realize just how much I hate him. More … Continue reading

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Great Commercials: Poo-pourri

This and Unicorn Gold dominate all that is poop. They’ve got a lot more where that came from, and they’re all awesome. Click this.

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Life Is Hard Because You Make It Hard

I know life sucks. Well, for some of you it’s all peaches and cream. You can go to hell. But the rest of you who have hard lives, chances are very good that YOU make your life hard. You can … Continue reading

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