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I’m So Stupid

I’ve sat on this for about a week now and I’ve let it fester and spew and rot my guts. Because I’m so fucking stupid. The other night I was half asleep when I got a Facebook Messenger notification ring … Continue reading

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Life Is Hard Because You Make It Hard

I know life sucks. Well, for some of you it’s all peaches and cream. You can go to hell. But the rest of you who have hard lives, chances are very good that YOU make your life hard. You can … Continue reading

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Dealing With Uber Help

Just so you can see what kind of headache it is dealing with Uber Help as a driver, here are some recent conversations I’ve had with them. This first one is about money and how money I made just disappeared. … Continue reading

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McDonald’s, You So Cray!

PSA: If you’re the social media person for a business, and you have an interaction like this, check on the content before you respond on your social media platform. Remember, never assume. I have this blog set up to where … Continue reading

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