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Live Friday Nights: The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon

I’m not a big fan of the Moody Blues, but I do love the fact that they have an orchestra play with them, and I’d love to see them live just for that reason. Advertisements

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YouTube Tuesday – Rolled Ice Cream

Jen’s been watching food truck videos on YouTube lately and she’s discovered this thing called Rolled Ice Cream. Stop me if you’ve heard it. It started somewhere and now it’s coming closer to here. Pretty soon it’ll be in every … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday – Excavators Doing Awesome Things

Big machines acting like little machines? No way. These excavators are huge and do their specific jobs effortlessly, which is what they were designed to do. But, they can use those skills they have, with the addition of excellent operators, … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday – Top 5 Creepy Unexplained Events

I had not planned anything special for today, being that it’s Halloween, because I hadn’t realized it was falling on a YouTube Tuesday until just now, at 2 in the morning on Halloween. I was going to have a creepy … Continue reading

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Live Friday Nights: Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence

I’ve noticed only either absolute love for this, or absolute disgust. Personally, I think this is as amazing a cover as any, and that if you’re a band and want to do a cover, this is how you do it … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday – The Fluidity Of Sand

Have you heard of this shit? If you slightly vibrate sand and then pump air through it, it then becomes like a liquid. Like, liquid sand. I bet if you did that to kitty litter while your cat was taking … Continue reading

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