What They Be Doin’ Now? Butthole Surfers

Hey kids, have you ever heard of the Butthole Surfers?

The Butthole Surfers formed in 1981 but only had one hit in 1996, which lumped them into the 90s band category. Just like so many other 90s bands, they started in the 80s. Most of the good ones did.

They have a sound very unique to themselves, and they have a pretty solid fanbase. Over the years they’ve had many personnel changes, but the two founding members, singer Gibby Haynes and guitarist Paul Leary, and member since 1983 King Coffey (drums), have stayed the same throughout. They haven’t played a gig since 2016 and may never tour again. Guitarist Leary said, “I just don’t want to play live anymore. It’s not fun, I don’t like touring. That hour on stage is a whole lot of fun, but the other 23 hours off stage just fucking suck.”

Fans may be in luck, however, as earlier this year he also said there may be a new album coming, which would be their first since 2001. “We’ve all been busy with our own separate things, and I’ve done a lot of producing in the past few years, and I’ve got to the point now where I feel like I’ve done doing that for a while, so it’s time to make a new Butthole Surfers album. Especially now that Trump is president, jeez! If there was ever a time for a Butthole Surfers album it’s fucking now. It just doesn’t get any weirder than that.”

For those of you still scratching your heads, here’s their only radio hit in almost 40 years of being a band. It is quite possibly the most famous obscure song ever.

If you would like to keep up to date on them, they still have an active website.

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One-Liner Wednesday – Cynical

My wife and I have a very interesting relationship. Have you seen those videos of the really old couples sitting on a porch and talking shit to each other? That’s us now, and will be us then, if we live that long. We’ve completely balanced out our conversations into almost half and half serious and or loving talk/talking shit.

One day we were talking about something, maybe, why it was that I didn’t have friends, which is really okay with me. That’s just less I have to do. She said…

“Probably because you’re a cynical asshole who hates everyone and everything.”

That’s why I love her so much. She gets me.

One-Liner Wednesday is a product of 


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YouTube Tuesday – Assassin’s Kittens!

More fun from channel QYou! This time around we have kittens delivering their take on the Assassin’s Creed games. And they’re cute, but they are deadly, so watch out. You can check out Mr.TVCow’s Youtube Channel for more videos like this.


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Ubering Drunks

A huge part of driving for Uber or Lyft, and I’m sure taxis too, is dealing with drunk people. I’m sure in other, bigger cities, there’s a demand for drivers from people who are just going places. But here in Cincinnati, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, it’s all about the drunks.

Typically everything is fine. Drunk people are my people, so it’s all good. I’ve never had anyone throw up in my car, yet, but I have had two throw up out of the window. Only the first one projectiled away from the car. The second one ran down the outside of the door. Thankfully it was the outside. Her’s smelled of berries, which was rather pleasant.

Typically though, they’re just drunk and in a good mood. I did have two guys pass out in my car recently, and I had to wake them when I got them to their house. The first guy jumped, stared at me for a moment, looked around, wondered aloud just where in the hell he was, and then it all came to him. He woke the other guy and they left.

Well, tonight was a different sort of night. Thankfully the weird shit didn’t last long, but it was enough.

To start my night, I picked up four college boys from the general UC area. They were young, like, if I had to guess I would have said they were in high school. As it turned out, they were all at least 21, unless the club I took them to allows 18 and up.

These college boys, white boys who seemed to be of the privileged variety, got in the car and smelled like they had styled their hair with beer. Immediately the one next to me asked for an aux cord, which he plugged into his iPhone and started playing some terrible new hip hop. All of them were rapping along and being “hard” while looking like complete tools.

Halfway to their destination the one guy in the back asked if anybody wanted gum and started handing it out. It was about that time that I noticed the guy sitting behind me kept rolling his window down and spitting out of it. Ladies, he might be single. Don’t you all rush him at once.
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Live Friday Nights: AC/DC – Rocker

Quick story. This video is the second part of the performance, and right off hand I can’t remember what they played first. But, they’re on some TV show and before they play, the host of the show goes to announce them and says something about another band who was supposed to play that night, and was a favorite of the show, had broken up. So to fill their spot was a young AC/DC, who were, well… AC/DC.

When their amps were first turned on you could hear the static coming from them, and the host said something about how that didn’t sound right. Apparently he had never heard a high octane rock band before. When they started to play, the audience had this look like “what the fuck is this shit?” It’s hysterical.

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Wanna Go Viral?

I noticed with the recent passing of Adam West (may he RIP) that a lot of memes are out there about it, most of which are Batman related. All of them sad. But it got me to thinking, if you want to stay ahead of the game and go viral maybe for the first time ever in your life, try this on for size.

All you have to do is, think of a popular celebrity. The older the better. For this example we’ll use Betty White. I love Betty White. Have since I was a kid watching Golden Girls with my mom. Hell, she’s still popular, and she’s 95. She deserves it though, because she’s awesome.

So you take her and create a meme, to memorialize her after her passing. To honor her. To say goodbye. Find a good picture of her, which is just about every one, and then write something nice on it, but kinda sad. Since she was on Golden Girls, the theme song to that show would work perfect.

Something like this.
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