RIP Malcolm Young

I heard it on the radio. I cried. I’ve loved his music since I was 8. Thirty years his music has been in my life’s playlist. RIP Malcolm Young, founding member/song writer/rhythm guitarist of AC/DC. You’ll be missed. \m/

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Live Friday Nights: The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon

I’m not a big fan of the Moody Blues, but I do love the fact that they have an orchestra play with them, and I’d love to see them live just for that reason.

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Happy Birthday!

Here’s a trick question. How many birthdays have you had?

The answer is one! Cause you were only born once. Our birthdays are just days to celebrate that one day. Like today is the day I use to celebrate my birthday.

Only this year, it’s kinda EH. Just like Halloween was. I attribute it to two things. One, I’m on so many meds now I kinda don’t feel shit anymore, which sadly is a good thing. And two, I’m now 38, and I guess the thrill has burned out. Which upsets me. Well, it would if I could feel anything. Thank you meds.

So, what do I have on the docket today? Not a damn thing. That’s what happens when you’re a broke son of a bitch. But I have had an interesting day so far. Let me share. It’s kinda boring (so NOT interesting…), and all over the place, so if you don’t read it (highly recommended) I’ll understand. I really don’t want to type it, I just feel the need to type and have nothing better to say.

I woke up wide awake at 3:30 this morning, so I decided to get a jump on Uber. I was out the door by 4, stopped to get some coffee and gas, which really, coffee is like our own gas to get us going. Makes sense now why gas stations sell coffee.

I did some Ubering and made some money. I made just enough to get my tags renewed today. I would’ve stayed out and made more, but the wife had a job interview at 10. I was late picking her up, which I didn’t even do, so she had to get another ride. She showed up late to the interview. I hope that doesn’t fuck her from getting the job, it’s a good job.

At one point we stopped at Rally’s to get some grub. Here’s a little Yelp review for you (that actually isn’t on Yelp). This Rally’s is one of the worst I’ve ever been to. When we first started going there, it was decent. Not great like this one, but decent. And then all of a sudden it went completely to shit. IF they’re taking orders and not closing hours before they’re supposed to, and IF they have burgers to sell, it’s going to take some serious time before you get your order after placing it.
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YouTube Tuesday – Rolled Ice Cream

Jen’s been watching food truck videos on YouTube lately and she’s discovered this thing called Rolled Ice Cream. Stop me if you’ve heard it.

It started somewhere and now it’s coming closer to here. Pretty soon it’ll be in every mall and at every carnival and festival. Just like Dippin’ Dots. Remember those? Mmm. I know I do.

These Rolled Ice Cream Masters have this round plate that gets down to something like 15 degrees below zero, F. Then they have these two paint scrapers. They put some flavor stuff on the plate, dip some liquid ice cream on top of it, then use the scrapers to chop up the flavor stuff. Then they let it all freeze while constantly mixing and chopping it up so that it gets evenly distributed. When it’s done, they roll it.

The flavor stuff can be anything from fruit to other sweets to whatever. I’ve seen cotton candy used which was kinda cool, actual birthday cake, Oreo’s, chocolate candy bars, watermelon…

It’s really fun to watch and there are a kazillion videos of this on YouTube, but once you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all.


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Live Friday Nights: Bobby Bare Jr. – Cum On Feel The Noize

I’m a huge fan of BBJ, but only his studio stuff. I think he’s the best singer/songwriter of this generation. His vocals can be a hard thing to get used to, though, which I readily admit. But once you do, his music is something amazing.

Unfortunately, he’s not very good live. And I hate to say that, but it’s true. And if anything, I’m as real as I can be at all times. To me it seems as if he doesn’t take himself seriously when live, for some reason, and it shows heavily. Sometimes he completely changes the music to his songs and sometimes it works, but mostly I just want to hear what I heard on the album, only live. Especially when it’s from one of my favorite musicians ever.

Anyway, every now and then he gets a good recording live, whether it’s at a show or doing a live studio performance for a radio station, which he does a fair bit of. One Friday I’m sure I’ll post one of his studio performances, which there are a few that are really good. Until then, here’s one from his live album Nick Nacks And Paddy Whacks. Mostly, it’s a good live album, but there aren’t really videos of these performances. Someone was cool enough to make a trippy video for this live cover, and so at least the audio is on YouTube.

I’m not much of a fan of this song, but this is a good cover because it’s really just the bare bones of the lyrics, but a really cool jam session. This is from 2006 Amsterdam, I believe, where BBJ’s overseas crowds look at him as a legend, but for some reason most of America doesn’t even know of him.

Also, a fun story. Apparently when they got set up for this particular show, someone hooked up their drum mics to distortion, and instead of fixing it, BBJ told the drummer to just hammer it out, so the drummer kept it loud through the show to make good use of the distortion, and it worked excellently.

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One-Liner Wednesday: Job!

Jen lost her job a couple weeks ago. Her GM, who is a real piece of shit, named Dent, went off on her in front of people in the lobby, talked down to her, made her cry, which ultimately made her walk out. Then, being the biggest kind of pussy any man can be, he said he didn’t do any of that in lieu of apologizing so she could go back.

The joke’s on him, apparently things have gone to complete shit there, so fuck him. He deserves it.

Since then, though, Jen has had a tough time getting a job. She’s interviewed at a ton of places, but it all came down to how she left her last job. Even when she decided to not tell them, they asked and asked and asked until she had to say, and then she didn’t get the job. Basically, these fucking places of employment are siding with a man they don’t know, just because of the position he holds. Which, by the way, he shouldn’t be holding that position. That would be like siding with Trump just because he’s the president. Uh no, fuck that and fuck you.

Well, today she went on another interview and she still has to wait on that response. She had another interview at a place an hour away from here and she didn’t really want to go that far for a job. I told her I wouldn’t either. So on our way home we stopped by a place that is always hiring and she went in to fill out an application. She was in there for an hour and a half. When she came out…


Whew. It couldn’t have come at a better time. And, because both her and I worked there before when it was owned by another company, we both know the building is haunted!

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