Live Friday Nights: Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

This is a week late, but I had to take some time to put this together. I’ll put my two cents in below, but the absolute best thing I’ve read on this can be found here. He says exactly what I would love to say if I could only say it like he did.

I was never a huge Chris Cornell fan, but I’ve always had nothing but respect for him. His voice was unique, his impact on music great, and he is truly one of the best to come out of the 90s. We lost a true rock n roller.

Now, it’s not that I dislike him, I just never really got into his music. I do like a bunch of Soundgarden songs, but that’s about where it ends for me. I do remember when Soundgarden first broke up and I was shocked. I’ve always felt that that should have never happened. And now with his death, his suicide, I feel that that should have never happened either.

Since I live with depression, I understand WHY he did what he did, but I’ll never understand why it continues to happen. There are too many resources now, there are too many aware now, there just… it seems to me like this kind of thing shouldn’t slip past anybody anymore, yet it continues to. And if you’re somebody who thinks that anyone who commits suicide is a coward, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

He didn’t commit suicide, his depression did. Unfortunately, he was caught in the crossfire. Depression crumbles even the strongest of people.

EDIT: I’ve since learned that he had taken more of his anti-depression medication than he should have, and sadly one of the side effects of that medicine is suicidal tendencies, and unfortunately that’s what happened. So the medicine did it. Very sad. If you’re on any of those meds, as I am, be safe with them please.

With that said, here’s a song by him that I’ve always loved, and while this isn’t the exact performance I wanted to share, I couldn’t help but post this because of the way Eddie talks about him, and the love he shows for one of his brothers throughout this performance. It’s beautiful, and so fitting.

RIP Chris Cornell, your impact on the music world will forever be felt.

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What They Be Doin’ Now? Spacehog

Here’s a band that, when they were very popular with their one hit, I was a huge fan of. Well, I was a huge fan of the song. I still am. Love it. Yet I never bought any of their albums, never seen them live, and pretty much forget all about them until I hear that one song.

You know the song.

Damn I love that song. That will most likely be one of my favorite songs for the rest of my life. I really do need to check out more of their stuff. I might like it.

Anyway, they had that hit. And when it was popular, a buddy of mine went to a Spacehog concert, and he said they weren’t all that good and said they didn’t seem to want to be there.

I also had another friend back then who bought the album this song was on, and told me the rest of the album was so-so.

Those two things, I think, kept me from ever buying the album or keeping up with them in any way. But of course I still wonder, where are they at this particular moment in time?

Well, the only thing I can find is on Wikipedia. It says they put out an album in 2013 called As It Is On Earth.

Their official website is down and the domain is up for sale.

And that’s about it. I searched Royston William Langdon, the bass player and singer of the group, and even he’s not doing anything right now that I could find. He was married to Liv Tyler for a while and had a kid with her, but they split in 2008.

Since I decided to do this group I found a copy of Resident Alien and gave it a listen. I really liked it. It’s definitely spacey, which I like. I compare it to a mix between Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Not a bad mix, although I can see why it didn’t do well here in the states.

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One-Liner Wednesday – Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy is one of my favorite movies of all time and since I first heard of it only a few years ago from my buddy Joe, I’ve probably seen it more times than any other movie, and that’s saying a lot. It’s pretty much the perfect comedy for me. It doesn’t take much thought to watch it, but the jokes are there and constant. And there are a lot of them. After seeing the movie a billion times I was still seeing or hearing things that I never noticed before, and those things were making me laugh.

However, there is one line in the movie that I think, in all honesty, is probably my favorite line in any movie, ever. Just because it’s so absurdly funny and completely out of left field. And the delivery is impeccable.

If you haven’t seen or don’t care to see it, I’ll set up the scene for you. Which means spoilers.

Dante is a pot dealer and has a ton of crazy-named weed. The main character, Alex, gets all his weed from him throughout the movie, and their scenes are always hysterical.

Alex quits his job after something bad happened and he just wants to get ripped, so he stops by Dante’s house and tells him to take all of his crazy-named weed and roll it all up into one joint.

After they smoke, they’re on a whole other level. The phone rings. Dante looks around quizzically as the phone continues to ring.

And then, “What is that ringing? Do I have a tumor?”

How high do you have to be to hear a telephone ringing, something you’ve heard your entire life, zillions of times, and instantly think that you might just have a tumor? No matter how many times I hear it, I laugh. And that’s what I love about the movie. It makes me genuinely laugh every time I watch it. Just thinking about it is making me laugh. Now I have to go watch the movie. Again.

One-Liner Wednesday is a product of LindaGHill

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YouTube Tuesday – Free Porn

I shared this on the old Beefy blog and it was a big hit. I mean, of course it was. Why wouldn’t it be?

Let me start by saying, this isn’t ACTUAL porn, but it’s sexy and it’s probably NSFW.

Stoya, an actual porn star, said that she had never climaxed while using a vibrator. Apparently some people highly suggested whatever brand it is, and she got one. She decided to test it out here, while reading a passage from “Necrophilia Variations” by Supervert, and also while in front of a camera and people.

There’s no nudity and you don’t see anything “good,” but she does finally fall victim to a vibrator. And you get to watch it happen.

So yeah, if you’re at work and decide to watch anyway, she’s pretty vocal. Hint hint, nudge nudge. Also, check out the Hysterical Literature channel on YouTube. There’s more sessions with more girls. I just now learned that. My evening has been planned.

You’re supposed to be 18 to watch this, but I’m not going to check all of your IDs.
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Get Your Vote On

The polls are open! Go check out all of the entries and place your vote! But especially check out mine and vote for it! It’s free! Just do it!

Go here to the official voting page!

Thanks to everybody who votes! I’m sure the best one will win!

Like this one!

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Strange News Sunday – Fashion Sucks

Also known as “Sucky Fashion.”

I may share some strange news from time to time, as I’m a fan of the crazy side of news sites. This particular set of stories isn’t so much strange as it is stupid.

Unless you live under a rock with no WiFi, I’m sure you’ve noticed lately that Rompers are making a comeback. Well, not so much a comeback, as women and babies have been wearing them for years, but now they’re finding their way to the men’s section at your local clothing retailer.

Now known as “RompHim,” the new fashion trend is showing just how hideous these things look on men. And well, anybody, really. The Ghostbusters were the only ones who were allowed to pull this off.

There’s so many things wrong with this, and I’d like to point them all out, but in the interest of keeping you here and reading instead of pushing you away, I’ll keep it short.

RompHim, the company who is making these, actually got crowd-funded for this. There are actually people who like this enough to send money to a startup company with the hopes of making male rompers a reality. Well, I guess after Trump was elected, nothing can surprise me anymore.

“The company says it’s meant for “anyone who wants to make a statement” and guarantees that it’ll look good on you.” Guaranteed, eh?

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, and eh… nope.

Yeah, they’re making a statement, alright. But I don’t think it’s the statement that RompHim was trying to make.
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