Hush Little Baby New Cover

I hired the amazingly talented Morgan Wright to do this animated cover for the upcoming release of Hush Little Baby, and wow, she did not disappoint! Check it out below!

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Hush Little Baby

My new book, coming soon!

That’s right, I finally decided to release it. And do you know why? Well, for one, it’s done. It has been edited, several times, most recently by me. It wasn’t actually editing as much as it was formatting for publication, and it was a fucking nightmare.

It took me all day and into the night to get the formatting fixed, but once I did, I got the book set up and ready to go, and then I redid the cover and made it a lot better than it was.

I’m so excited!

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Conversations W/The Wife – Cotton Mouth

I’m on so many meds these days for so many things that I’ve been noticing some side effects. Recently it has been cotton, or dry mouth. I’ve had it before, but never like this. Just now this happened. I walked into the living room carrying a beer I had just procured from the kitchen.

Me: I’m about sick of this cotton mouth. It’s so bad now I can’t even talk right. (I couldn’t.)

Wife: And you’re drinking a beer instead of water?

Me: Hell yeah! Beer is like 70% water!

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Cheap Ass Recipes – Macaroni And Cheese

The original cheap meal, macaroni and cheese has been a staple in the American household for centuries. It’s easy to make and it tastes pretty damn good. How could it not? It’s pasta and cheese.

If I know my readers, and I believe that I do, I know each and every both of you has at least 34 boxes of this stuff in your pantry. I do.

Why? Cause it’s easy to come by. During the pandemic, we had no food and had to go to a food pantry. Every time we went they’d give us at least a few boxes of mac. Once they gave us an unopened case. I can’t remember how many boxes were in a case, but it was quite a bit.

A lot of people scoff at powdered cheese mac, but I love it. So I came up with a better way to make it, and it’s useful in making even the lowest budget mac taste good enough to eat. And so simple.

So what do we need? I’ll talk about how to make a single box, even though typically I make two at a time and my wife and I eat from it. So, get yourself a box and listen up.

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Cheap Ass Recipes – Monster Mash

When my wife and I first got together, she basically started living with me immediately. After just a few months together, we were renting a house together. And we had NO money. We both worked, but we had shit jobs. We had to get a place because I was being kicked out of my home and she was sleeping on a couch.

Because we had no money, we ate a lot of crap food because it was cheap. It’s what caused us to balloon up to where we are now instead of where we were when we met, which was much slimmer. But still fat. Cause, you know, food.

Anyway, we bought a lot of Ramen noodles and when we got sick of eating them we discovered we had a lot of them left, and random stuff in the fridge. My wife, much to her genius, threw some shit together in a pot and called it Monster Mash.

The thing about Monster Mash, and you really have to indulge this concept, is you never make it the same way twice. Or, you can make it the same way every time if you find a recipe you like. The idea here is, you find what you have and throw it all in the pot. Just make sure the flavors mix well, otherwise you’re wasting what little food you have. Considering you make this when you have little food, or little money to buy food.

I’m not going to tell you how we originally made it, because that was years ago and I forgot. What I will tell you is how we like to make it now, should we ever decide to have it for old time’s sake.

First, you start with Ramen noodles.

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Conversations W/The Wife – Alpha

I was just on Facebook and this popped up as a memory from this day in 2013.

This conversation just happened. Jen was yelling at the dogs.

Jen: Just because your dad is home doesn’t mean you get whatever you want. I am the alpha in this house, you listen to what I say.
Me: YOU’RE the alpha?
Jen: Yes! You have to listen to what I say, too!
Me: What?
Jen: You have to listen to what I say, too!
Me: What?
Jen: Say what again.
Me: Huh?

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