DriveTime Pissed Me Off

I can’t stand car dealers. They ALL lie. Just to get you in the door. What doesn’t make sense to me is why they lie to get you in the door only to deny you a car.

I’m currently in the position where I either need a new car or I fix my current car which isn’t worth fixing. Unfortunately I have no money and terrible credit.

That doesn’t mean I don’t make enough money to make payments on a car, though. Unfortunately they don’t go off of that, or everybody would be able to get a car.

This morning I went to Whitewater Motors after filling out their extremely misleading online form. Their form said I was approved for a car and even told me how much I was going to pay per month. I stopped in the lot and found out that was all a lie. Needless to say, I was denied, even with a cosigner with great credit.

That’s when I turned to DriveTime. I had previously filled out an app on their website, and it, too, said I was approved for a loan. I kind of forgot about them, but they continued to hound me to schedule a test drive or to talk to them about whatever. Endless emails, calls, and texts. I called them and told Dave I have terrible credit, no money down, and I just started a new job. I also told him I have a trade in that I still owe money on and told him how much. He said it was his job to put me in a car and that I would be fine.
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Strange News Sunday: Chicken Please

Word to the wise, if you don’t want to be eaten, get off the plate.

Recently, I think, a raw piece of chicken did just that. I saw the video on Facebook, and while there are reasons this sort of thing could happen, it’s still hard to believe. Behold.

The food was so fresh the nerve endings were still firing, thus the chicken crawled off the plate. It happens a lot and with other meats. There are stories of chickens being beheaded and still running around alive, for weeks or even years.

Chickens crawling off of plates after they’re cut up, it’s almost like they drank purple water, or something.

Well, they could have if they lived in Coal Grove, Ohio.
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Live Friday Nights: James Brown – Prisoner Of Love

I’m taking you back this week! Great performance from one of the greats, on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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Strange News Sunday: Snakes And Fishes And Snakes Oh My!

In our first tale this week, we have a man in Houston who decided one day to go fishing, which is probably something he does regularly. He went to his favorite fishing place and caught something strange.

Chase McCray caught himself a fish with a snake wrapped around it. After catching footage of it (linked to above), he took his pocket knife and pried the snake off of the fish. Both were still alive with minor injuries, the fish from the snake and the snake from the knife, and McCray let them both go separately.

What a nice guy. Speaking of nice, the woman in the next story isn’t.

A South Carolina woman decided one day that she wanted to steal another woman’s car. So she went up to the window, demanded the woman giver her the car, and when she said no, Hilmary Moreno-Berrios threw a snake on her. The woman shot out of the car and Hilmary jumped in and took off.

“I’m sick of all these mother fucking snakes in this mother fucking car!” – woman

Here’s where it gets strange. Yeah, it’s not up to this point. It seems that in this particular town they like to have certain events, and when all of this was going down they were having one. Hilmary crashed the car into a barricade at the event, which was a pole vaulting exhibition. Of all the types of carnivals and celebrations that go on, pole vaulting is probably at the bottom of the list of options I’d guess.

Anyway, Hilmary, who was probably pissed at her name, after causing over $17,000 in damages, was arrested on charges of carjacking, malicious damage to property and five traffic violations – hit and run, failure to stop for blue lights, resisting arrest, driving on a closed street and reckless driving. She’s being held on a $25,000 bond.

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Live Friday Nights: Jim Croce – Bad Bad Leroy Brown

I love this dude.

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Strange News Sunday: Aliens!

This article is about aliens.

Ladies and gents, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m here to tell you that there are people in this world who REALLY WANT TO KNOW what’s at Area 51. These particular people, upwards of a million of them, have started a Facebook group and they plan on storming Area 51.

I admire their tenacity, but I don’t think they’re going to actually go through with it. If they do, though, I can’t wait to find out what they find out.

Now, I’m not one to make up conspiracy theories (I really am) but I believe they’re hiding something there and that whatever it is would change the course of history if it were made public. And really, the only way we’re ever going to find out is if something like this happens. And honestly, this sort of thing needs to happen in other places, too. We need some real change in this country, and an uprising is the only way things are going to get better.

Sure things have been changing for the better, some things, but I think ultimately, we as a people need to get our country back.

And discovering the absolute proof of aliens is a good way to start that process. Because if those people are successful, they’ll be the leaders of the beginning of a larger uprising. If they’re successful, they’ll prove it can be done.
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