YouTube Tuesday – Lemme Smash

The wife showed this to me a while back, and we still quote it and laugh at it like fools. There are other videos, most of which have no audio, but this is the best one.


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The best part of this is, checking out all of the pingbacks and seeing what videos everyone else is into. Maybe you’ll discover something new!

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Property Brothers Bingo

My wife and I binge watched The Property Brothers on Netflix a year or two ago, and in that time I noticed certain phrases said in each show. I’m sure anybody who has watched them all has picked up on a few, if not all, as well.

I’ve noticed a few of these on other home improvement shows, too. I’m not sure if the regular Property Brothers show is still on Netflix, but we quit watching cause we saw them all and for a long time they never added more. And we don’t have cable, so…

Anywayz, I thought I’d create a fun drinking game for the whole family! Property Brothers Bingo! The rules are very simple. Just like with any Bingo game, when you have covered a straight line (up, down, diagonal), you win. You can also do special games, where you have to make an X or whatever. The choice is all up to you! YAY!

Any time you hear one of these phrases mentioned in an episode of Property Brothers (or any other home improvement show), cover that square! And take a drink! GO YOU! If you get a BINGO, everyone else has to take a shot! These games will probably go fast, so you might be able to fit two or three in a single episode! Then you’ll all be super trashed! Hello stomach pump!

“Take two of these and call me in the morning.”

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Shitty Jobs

This turned into quite a long piece, so if you wanna TL;DR, I get it.

It’s well known amongst those who know me that I am mental. I don’t like that I am, but acknowledge it and deal with it on a daily basis. Because of this, I have a very hard time dealing with people and I have an even harder time dealing with bullshit. Anxiety flares at the sign of either.

Due to those things, amongst a few others, I have a hard time maintaining relationships with anybody, and I have an even harder time keeping a job. I have lost many friends over the years due to this, disowned members of my family, had members of my family disown me, and as far as jobs go, I go through quite a few every year or two.

I recently lost a job because of this. The only difference between this place and others is, I liked this job. I liked where I worked. I loved who I worked with. It was a restaurant/sports bar that wasn’t corporate owned. It was an independent restaurant, and I got the perfect job for someone like me. I was their dish washer.

When I interviewed, I spoke with a girl who told me they hate drama there, they don’t put up with trouble makers, and everyone who stays typically gets along with everyone else. That looked great on paper. What I found out was, the girl who told me that was the owner’s daughter, and nobody liked her. She thought they all did, but they didn’t. She was young, highly unqualified for her job, and a bitch. When people started with drama, it was usually because they disagreed with something stupid she said and she got rid of them because of it.
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Live Friday Nights: Green Day – King For A Day

I love hearing a good band play live. Some of the best bands in the world can be terrible live. Which is cool, because not everybody can be great at everything. I can accept that a band is just a studio band. Hell, one of my very favorites is terrible live, like 95% of the time. And while it sucks, I can still accept it. I love the studio stuff completely.

However, a band who is good playing live, who can feed off one another, and is jamming to something, you can feel that. It’s special. I had that experience recently when I went to Elkhart, IN to see The Marshall Tucker Band. I’m not a huge fan of theirs, in that I’ve never owned an album, and I really only know the songs that get played on the radio. That doesn’t mean I dislike them either. I just don’t know a lot by them.

My dad loves them and has for the last 45 years they’ve been around. He’s seen them live five times. So I thought it would be fun as hell to go on a road trip to see a great band play live.

I’ve been to a lot of great concerts, but that show had to be one of the top 3 I’ve ever seen. They were so amazing live, and they had the audience in the palm of their hands. To me, that’s a good band.
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Loyalty vs Logic! (Guest Blogging)

Greetings fellow Earthlings!

I’m the super hot Earth wife of one Mr Martian Matt and today I’m hijacking bringing you a little blog piece on the merits of loyalty and logic in a relationship.

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Pop Is No Bueno

I’m not a health nut, like some of my Twitter followers would like to believe. I’m severely overweight, but that’s about where my problems end. I just went to the doctor today for a check up and discovered that I’m almost disgustingly in perfect health. Doctor’s minds are blown every time they read my charts.

I get it. I’m a fat dude. But I’m healthy. That doesn’t happen often, so kids, don’t rely on that happening. Stay thin AND healthy.

Anyway, my biggest problem is pop. Or whatever you call it, cola, soda, fizzerly water. Add to it the fact that I love to drink.

Back in October 2016 I was told I was diabetic. I had already completely stopped drinking pop a month before, but the damage had been done. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and I felt it. I couldn’t do anything. I actually felt like an overweight slob. Never before had I felt that way. I literally always feel like a thinner guy in a fat suit. But not then. I realized I had hit bottom.

I continued not drinking pop, but I did change my diet completely. I ate much better and started feeling better. Pounds started coming off and I already felt like my old self again. Still fat, of course, but better.
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