WTH Little Caesars?

I once wrote about getting ranch from a McDonald’s being a clusterfuck. Well, this story is along those exact same lines.

I can’t stand when someone thinks I don’t want or can’t get something because they’ll have to charge me for it. I’m at a business wanting product. I expect to pay for it.

I called Little Caesars last night to place an order. I told them I wanted a stuffed crust pizza, supreme. The guy said he’d have to ask his boss if he could do that.

Why would he not be allowed to do that? It’s a pizza with toppings, that’s what they do there. Plus, that’s making more money for them. Where’s the problem?

I showed up twenty minutes later to get my order, only to find out it hadn’t been put in the oven yet and then this conversation happened.
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Great Commercials: Little Lungs In A Great Big World – Birthday

I’m a smoker, and a proud one. I know, that’s hard to find in this day and age. I’ll quit when I feel like it, or it’ll kill me. I know the risks, but in the meantime, I enjoy it. And honestly, these kind of commercials piss me off, but I think they’re necessary. If it keeps someone from smoking, more power to it. I always feel like the commercials are talking to me and trying to make me quit, which is why they piss me off.

And then there’s this commercial. The message is clear, but holy hell, I can’t stop laughing every time I see it.

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Strange News Sunday – Aliens!

Okay, I must admit. This happened a while ago (exactly a year ago), and I have been meaning to post it but I just never got around to it. So here it is anyway. Sorry.

NASA said they’re hiring someone to protect earth from aliens. Seriously.

No, not illegal aliens. They’re NASA, not a wall building company. They legit want to hire someone to protect the earth from E.T.

“I van to suck your blood… wait…”

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Live Friday Nights: Blind Melon – No Rain

This is what I’d call a perfect live performance, perfectly caught on tape. Considering this was the 90s and recorded most likely on VHS, the quality is awesome here. You can perfectly hear each instrument and his voice. The flow is perfect, the groove is perfect, and it’s so hard not to get grooving on this tiny jam session.

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Uber Update

It is now August and I’m still unable to drive for Uber. I’ve stopped into their Greenlight office three times and contacted them through their online support. I’ve been told 4 times that my issue has been escalated to top priority, and it has been a month since I’ve been able to drive.

So what does that mean? Them telling me they’ve escalated my issue is just to shut me up, it means nothing. They’ve also told me their “specialists” are working hard to solve my issue, which is also a lie. All they have to do is look at my title, see that it’s not salvaged, and BOOM I’m done. It literally takes a couple of seconds, not four weeks.

Oh, and each time I’ve spoken to their online support, which today alone has been quite a few times, I’ve spoken to someone different. It’s kind of hard to build any kind of trust with who you’re talking to if every time is someone new.

This is all complete bullshit. My wife is out of work for another week, and we’re completely broke. Completely. We’ve been surviving because of our awesome families, but it shouldn’t have to be this way. I should be working, and Uber is 100% to blame for this bullshit. If their crack headed system didn’t flag my car as salvaged when there’s no reason for it to, none of this would be happening.

I urge you, if you plan to drive for Uber, to consider all of this. It could easily happen to you. If not this, them something else. Dealing with this headache is just one more in a long line of headaches. I haven’t had this kind of problem with Lyft, yet until they get their payment situation fixed, I can’t drive for them either.

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Great Commercials: Doritos – Fetch

I just think anybody being chased by a bear is funny.

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