Great Commercials: Enterprise – All The Places Life Takes Joel McHale

Enterprise can bring a decent commercial every now and then, and we’re that much better for it. I personally love all of the ones with Patrick Warburton.

I caught this new commercial just now and instead of logging it away on my phone to never look at again, I decided to actually get this one posted. It’s good for a chuckle or two. Keep ’em coming, Enterprise.

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WTF Spring?

Now that it’s officially Spring, here in the Cincinnati area (as well as many others I’m sure) we had a downfall of snow that equaled about an inch. We were quoted five inches, but only got about an inch. Typical, and I’m sure women everywhere understand.

I don’t know if that’s what caused my day of dread or if I caused it by my choices, but here’s how today went.

Jen and I ate lunch at Frisch’s. We got this waitress who will most likely be there until she dies, which at this rate probably won’t be too much longer. We’ve had her before many times and she just all around sucks. I bet at one time in her life she was a good waitress, but now she’s just going through the motions.

Today’s errors? I asked for a large to-go cup of unsweet tea with light ice. She immediately said back to me, “Large sweet tea.” I corrected her and she indeed brought me an unsweet tea. But it was in a regular to-go cup. With no lid. And full of ice. Why would I want a to-go glass if it’s going to be the same size as their regular glasses? Why would I want a to-go cup if I didn’t intend on taking it, you know, to-go?

Like with every server, I order a large drink to save them the time and effort. I drink a lot. Bring me a large or refill my regular cup many times. It’s up to you. I tried to help.

She pre-bused our table when it convenienced her. We also each asked for an extra side of tartar sauce, so she only brought one.

The best part about our experience? Their radio station played the same song while we were there, like 5 times. What song?

Play that on repeat while eating and see if it doesn’t induce vomiting.

The last thing our waitress got us over on was the bill. Somehow she rang up Jen’s meal as a dinner instead of what it is (there’s no dinner option on the menu for that meal) and it charged us a dollar more than what it should have. Jen was going to say something but I told her I would just take that dollar out of her tip. And that’s what I did.

Then, my stupid ass went to Walmart. I hate Walmart. The land of 1000 checkout lanes and one cashier. I had to load money onto my Walmart debit card, so I went to the money services and got in line. There were three women in front of me. I stood there for ten minutes until the one woman working that counter said to the lady she was helping that she would have to wait because the system locked her out and she couldn’t get back in it.

I left, pissed, and hoped that maybe my cashier at the register would know how to load money onto the card. It has been my experience that most of them do not know how to do it because why train your employees to do everything?

I went to find Jen and did some shopping with her for about fifteen minutes. We walked up to the registers and saw one open with about fifteen people waiting in line with full shopping carts, and the self checkout had a line of people waiting, so I just decided to go wait in the same line I had been in before. Jen went to look at something else.

I got there to discover there were now four more women in line, behind the original three I was behind, and the original three had not been helped yet. I turned to look at the one register open and shook my head. I was fucked no matter what.


As I was standing there in line, a woman walked by saying to someone with her that she just put all her stuff down cause she didn’t need it that fucking bad to wait in that fucking line. Amen, sister. But I had no choice, I had to pay a bill with my card and had to load the money. So I waited.

Finally a manager showed up and took over and immediately the line started moving. And instead of staying and helping, the original lady behind the counter got her shit and left. Thanks for nothing.

Finally we paid for our stuff and got out of there, but the time spent in that Walmart could’ve been used doing something else. ANYTHING else. Cutting my own arm off with a butter knife. A plastic one. That time around, however, I spent twenty minutes in line. Overall, the three ladies in front of me originally spent around an hour in line.

Today basically sucked, but I blame myself. I should’ve known better. Frisch’s was probably going to piss me off, as it has done in the past, but I can’t help it. That location is just a couple blocks away from my house. And Walmart… I really do need a regular bank account so I don’t have to put money on my card at Walmart anymore. And if I do that, I may never go to Walmart again.

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Hunger Nightmares

I hate when I get hungry at inappropriate times. Like 3 AM. Isn’t that the worst? You’re sitting on your couch, watching late night TV cause you just smoked a bowl and late night TV finally makes sense to you. And then a commercial for a Burger King Whopper comes on, and it looks so tasty. The weed munchies kick in and you realize you haven’t eaten since dinner, at 6 PM. That was nine fucking hours ago. And man, that Whopper looked so good.

But Burger King isn’t open late night. At least not here. So you have to settle for 24 hour gas station roller grill food. You’re high, so you don’t care. But you should.

That shouldn’t be legal. How dare they advertise something you can’t get at that moment. That’s why commercials suck.

But, should it be illegal? Car commercials are shown late night, and you can’t buy those at three in the morning. But who needs to buy a car that early in the morning anyway? Some kind of weirdo? Who conducts that kind of business at that time of night?

Burgers make sense. People have to eat. I’m not going to go buy a car at 3 AM on an empty stomach, after all.

The worst, though, is when I get hungry while watching a cooking show. For the last couple hours I’ve been binging Kitchen Nightmares because I got the munchies and no food. I figure, the worse the restaurant’s food is, the less hungry I’ll be. It helps me out that way. But then dammit, Chef Ramsey changes everything around and the new menu of food looks amazing, and I’m back to being hungry again.

It kinda sucks that we have to eat to continue living. But I get it. I fucking get it.

I can see the benefit of being a robot in that respect.

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Live Friday Nights: Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

One of the greatest rock bands to ever rock. There’s just something about them that grabs me. Maybe it was all of the behind the scenes strife going on throughout their careers. Maybe it was all of the personal relationships between one another. Maybe it was just all that skill from everyone coming out together in perfect harmony. Sometimes, turmoil inside a functioning organism is a good thing. Over the years, a lot of bands have had beef between members while putting out excellent music. For some reason, it works in art that way.

I used to not like this song too much, and I think it was because it was on a car commercial once and I got sick of hearing it. Yet as soon as I started to think of a live song for this week, this popped in my head and wouldn’t go away. Here’s a really good live performance from December 5th, 1977.

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Live Friday Nights: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Rascal King

These guys rock so much. I still want to see them live. Until then, all I get is a camera phone recorded video, and for once, it isn’t so bad.

This is my favorite song by them, which is a toss up between this and like five other songs, but this one has always stuck in my mind the longest.

Ben Carr – The best hype man ever.

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YouTube Tuesday – Renata Bliss Freestyle Dance Teacher

I’m posting the short 10 second version because more of this isn’t a good thing.


If posting a YouTube video on your blog specifically on Tuesdays sounds like something you could see happening in your life, do it! And if you want to get some extra exposure (no matter how big or small) to your post and blog, you can ping that post back to this one! It’s easy, just copy my URL and include it somehow in your post. A ping back (link) will pop up on this post in the comments and people will see it and potentially go to it to check out your post!

You can ping back to any YouTube Tuesday post you want, but the most recent will probably get you more views than just mine.

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