Cheap Ass Recipes – Hotdogs

I’ve been thinking of writing this for a long time now, so I decided since I promised more material and I had nothing to write about, that I’d just go ahead and do it.

I’m a poor bastard, always have been, and as such, I’ve learned over the years how to make something edible while saving cash. I’m sure you have, too, and I’d love to hear your recipes.

These recipes came about shortly after I grew sick of eating Ramen noodles 10 times a day, though later I’ll probably post some great ways you can do those up to make them edible again.

This one is an old favorite that has evolved over the years as I’ve learned new things. If you’re poor or financially unstable, and you need to eat, go to the store, get yourself a pack of cheap hotdogs (my Krogers sell John Morrell hotdogs for $1) a loaf of bread and some paper towels.

Feeding poor bastards since 1961,
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Album Review: AC/DC – Power Up

I’ve been a fan since probably 1988 or 1989 when I was 8 or 9. My dad was cutting the grass and had a small boom box cassette player on the back porch, blaring the album High Voltage, and I was hooked. I’ve seen them twice in concert, both times seventh row from stage, totally unplanned. Damn near the same seats, but two different venues.

I started taking guitar lessons shortly after first hearing them, because of them. I had the Live At Donington VHS and watched it religiously. Angus Young was my first guitar god, and he’ll forever be at the top of the list. Even after all these years and getting into so many other bands and types of music and hearing some of the best do their best, I still think Donington is one of the top 10 rock concerts ever recorded. AC/DC at their absolute best.

Over the years they’ve been accused of always doing the same thing. Either you like it or you don’t. Some people enjoy bands that play the same all the time. Others were meant to spread their wings and try new things. Others found their sound and played it. Nothing wrong with that.

The thing with AC/DC is, in their early years, they were a pedal to the metal, hard ass rock n rolling band that rarely slowed down and never stopped. They recorded songs with long jamming solos laid down by rock god, Angus Young. Of course that’s when the man, the myth, the legend, Bon Scott, was singing for them.

Unfortunately he had to pass away, but we got Brian Johnson out of it, and at that moment, AC/DC, I feel, discovered their “sound” and they then played it for the rest of their career. And over time, it has become more AC/DC and more AC/DC by the album.

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I’m Around, Or Something

I’m around and a lot has gone on in these last months. I’ve been wanting to blog a lot in this time, but I never got around to it because I really had nothing to blog about, and for the longest time I didn’t feel like writing.

I actually gave up on writing. I did 13 Stories Til Halloween this year, and I’m so glad it’s back, but other than that I decided to take some time off from writing. I was in a bad place, as most of us were or have been because of this fucking pandemic, and I didn’t even release my next book, Hush Little Baby. It’s still unreleased, but I’ll get it out one day, because it’s done and ready.

I got a new job, third shift, making really good money, but it’s a ball buster of a job, and I spend most of my free time sleeping or relaxing now. This is the beginning of my fourth week and I’m still training, but damn, it’s kicking my ass. I’m going to stay with it, though, because it’s a great job with great pay, benefits, and a lot of paid holidays off.

The only thing that sucks about this new job is, they drug test, so I had to quit smoking weed. Which is fine, because I actually quit before I decided to go for the job, due to no money, which was due to not having a job. Besides, I was smoking so much during the pandemic, that I was buying the best stuff I could find and I still had to smoke a lot of it just to get a buzz. So it was a blessing all the way around that I quit.

One thing I will tell you about, my doctor. He’s such an idiot. He’s the first family physician I’ve had for myself in over a decade and a half, and he’s a Trump supporter. He actually made decisions on his practice based on what Trump said instead of what his years of studying in med school taught him.

The first thing I had an issue with was when I first went to see him. His nurse interviewed me to fill out my history, and asked if I drank. I told her I used to years ago, but I had a bad liver so I stopped, and now I don’t drink as much. When the doctor came in and asked to be filled in, she told him I used to be an alcoholic. I stopped that shit immediately, and she gave me a look like I was lying.

Then the pandemic hit, and I asked the doc if I should self quarantine, because I heard on the news that overweight, asthmatic, diabetic people were more susceptible to catching it and dying from it. He said I would be fine, because the warm summer would kill the virus and that I should go out among people. He got that part from Trump. Lucky me, I didn’t listen to him and stayed in, because as we all know, the virus has done nothing but grow in numbers since it started, including over the summer.

Then, I just happened to mention that I’d like to get weight loss surgery and he said that was okay. Later my wife saw him and said she wanted to lose weight, and he prescribed her this legal speed stuff. He then said he would’ve recommended it to me, but I was so gung ho about surgery that he didn’t say anything. I had just brought it up, that was it. Where he got gung ho from, I have no idea. Also, when he prescribed my wife and I the same speed, for some reason when we get it filled I get pills and she gets gel caps.

Lastly, he told me to keep taking my Metformin 500 mg and maybe we’d go up to 1000 mg. I told him I’m already on 1000 and that I have been. He looked at his notes and said that I wasn’t, that I was on 500. I went home and looked at my bottle. 1000 mg. I called the pharmacy, and they confirmed I was on 1000, signed by my doc. Yet when I went to get it refilled and it had to be called in, I got 500.

I’m done with this moron.

Anyway, I’ll be writing more soon, as I have a few things to talk about now. The next one, coming tomorrow probably, will be a review of the new AC/DC album, Power Up.

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The Motley Crue Self Titled Album

Lately I’ve been listening to this album a lot. I’ve been a fan of it since it came out in 1994, as I’m a fan of Motley Crue in general, but when they said they got a new lead singer and were putting out a heavier album, I was intrigued. Unlike a lot of music fans and music critics, I don’t mind when a band is experimental or tries new things.

That was the biggest complaint, that they made too big of a change. The album didn’t sound like a Crue album. They should’ve changed their name. Blah blah blah.

Critics hated it for the most part, and fans were super pissed that they got rid of Vince, no matter the reason. Despite the hate from critics, one thing they agreed on for the positive was John Corabi’s performance. He’s a hell of a singer, and one of my favorites.

To be honest, he’s a better singer than Vince Neil, period. Vince is awesome, don’t get me wrong, and he’s the reason Crue is who they are today, but putting him up against Corabi there’s no comparison. John Corabi is a rock singer through and through. So much so, that if Vince were to try and sing the songs off this album WHICH HE REFUSES TO DO (he hasn’t ever even listened to the album), it would sound terrible, guaranteed. Have you heard him live? He only sings about half of the words to each song. Corabi, however, when playing live with Crue, played some of Vince’s songs, and he sounded fucking great doing it. Because, as I said, he’s a better singer.
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Product Review: Simple Mills – Almond Flour Crackers

Because we’ve both been unemployed for the last few months, and we were kicked off of food stamps, we’ve had to resort to food pantries to get us something to eat. I know it kinda sounds terrible, and it does, but it really ain’t that bad. Thankfully there are those people and those organizations who are out there helping people like us.

And since we’ve been getting them, we’ve noticed a bunch of different products from companies we’ve never heard of. It makes me wonder just where these products are normally sold. And if they’re big name products or cheapo, ripoff products. My standards aren’t that high, so it doesn’t matter to me, just so long as it tastes decent enough to keep down.

Just now I’m sitting here with the munchies something fierce (plus it is lunch time), and I decided to root through those boxes of food to see what we got. And I came across these…
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The Conners

You may remember I recently wrote about how I want to give The Conners, a spinoff of the hit show Roseanne, a chance. Tonight I finally did.

This is the first time I’ve seen any of the new Roseanne or The Conners episodes, but I didn’t need to get caught up. It was pretty obvious what stories they’re currently on. Darlene’s child Harrison was wanting to go to college but knew she couldn’t afford to go, but Darlene tried to set her up with a college.

Also, Jackie was purchasing food for the restaurant, which looks to be in shambles, and bought too much, so Becky, who now apparently owns the restaurant with Jackie, was pissed.

The Conners – Source

Lastly, Dan had a girlfriend by way of Katey Sagal, also known as Peg Bundy. I gotta admit, that was a little strange seeing her on the show, considering back in the day she was Roseanne’s competition, and actually was the original mean mom on TV. I love her, though, and wasn’t upset to see her, it was just a little odd. I got past it.

So overall, the show has a different feel than the original Roseanne, which I didn’t like. The cast is the same, but it just didn’t feel the same. However, I do like it, thought it was plenty funny, enjoyed the new characters, and actually enjoyed the “new” old characters. They’re not the same people they were twenty years ago, and it shows.

I really enjoyed it, and look forward to watching more.

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