Live Friday Nights: Queen – Fat Bottom Girls

In the last two weeks I got a new job, had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had before going to my new job on the third day, saw my doctor, was prescribed anti-psychotics, have an appointment to meet with a psychologist, and today lost my job.

I love big asses. And Queen.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1981

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YouTube Tuesday – Street Performers

Piggybacking off of last week’s YTT, here’s another video of people doing really cool things. This time in the form of street performing. I love a good street performer, and this video has some really good ones. These people practice all the time to perfect their art, and then they go out into the real world in front of real people and do their art because of their love for what they do. In most cases they accept donations from those who enjoy their act, but they’re not going to get rich from it. This is purely for the thrill of performing what they do.

These are all awesome, but that last guy, so much fun to watch!


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Movie Review: Gerald’s Game

The almighty Netflix recently released an original movie based off of Stephen King’s book of the same name. It’s the most recent in a huge surge of King’s works being turned into movies/TV shows, and while I haven’t seen the new IT yet, I’d have to say this is the best of the new bunch by far.

I’m not going to go off on King’s works being turned into movies or shows, because it’s a moot point by now. I’ll just say that this movie is how any book-turned-movie should be done. They kept to the story and cut out things that weren’t that important. They didn’t really take any liberties with the original story, and they kept it as close to the source material as possible.

It’s that easy.

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Live Friday Nights: Tom Petty – Super Bowl XLII Halftime Show

This year can go straight to hell already. We recently lost Tom Petty, one of the almighty Gods of rock n roll. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m sorry to be the one you got the news from. But he went out like he rocked. Doing it better than anybody.

He actually died twice.

From what I gather, CBS falsely reported his death, citing the LAPD wrongly reported to them that he had died. LAPD came back and said they had never mentioned him dying, just that he had been found unconscious due to being in full cardiac arrest and had been rushed to the hospital. They also said they’re the police and they don’t report anything, they just release what they know.

CBS quickly retracted their statement and deleted their Twitter post, but the internet lost its shit and every fly-by-night news website jumped on CBS’s shit and reported how Tom Petty had actually died but had been brought back, and at the time of CBS’s report he was still alive.

But then, after the entire internet had settled down and was finally fixed, the news went out that he had died, only this time it was permanent.

I hate to make light of it, but the situation was sort of crazy. Regardless, I was always a fond lover of him and his music. Nobody did it better. His music has surpassed generations and musical tastes like no other.

Hell, he was a classic rock artist from the 70s releasing albums in the 90s that were producing classic songs, and was just as much a part of the 90s rock scene as any of the 90s bands. “You Don’t Know How It Feels” and “You Wreck Me” were two of those hits off his 1994 release Wildflowers, and I heard them in regular rotation on the local hard rock station with Nirvana and Soundgarden.

The NFL was really cool to post Petty’s halftime show, which I’ve always thought was one of the best halftime shows ever, and that’s what I’m sharing tonight. Just now watching it again, I was doing fine until he played “Free Fallin'” and when they got to the first chorus, I was in tears. It was played a bit slower than the album version, it was a bit quieter, but the audience was singing along loudly, and the entire moment was something magical.

Tom, thanks for the tunes, the good times, and the memories. My life wouldn’t have been the same without your songs on its soundtrack. You’re free now.

After I listened to that I saw another video, so I checked it out and it was so damn good that I thought I’d share it too.

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What They Be Doin’ Now? The Cranberries

Hey now, you know this group. They were one of the biggest bands in the 90s and had worldwide success with several albums and songs. Dolores blessed us with her amazing voice album after album, and we all loved her for it. She just turned 46 and she still looks better than 99% of the world’s population.

Hubba freakin hubba.

You know, this band…

That’s one of their biggest hits, at least here in the US. Released in 1994, 23 years ago, it’s still just as awesome and rockalicious as ever.

They took a hiatus to do some solo stuff from 2003 to 2009, then decided to get back together and bless the world with their music once again. They toured and recorded, first a new album in 2012 called Roses, and just this year an album called Something Else, which is a rerecording of some of their classic hits as acoustic versions, backed by the Irish Chamber Orchestra. And it’s awesome.
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One-Liner Wednesday – Spider In The Camera

Where my wife works she has these huge spiders hanging around. They look like giant orb weavers. And I mean giant. For here in Ohio, anyway. I know they get bigger in other places, but I’m not here to compare. I don’t live in those other places.

A few months back she had one hanging around on a security camera, and she wrote about it here. It’s another One-Liner Wednesday post too!

Today she was telling me about another that’s been hanging out on a security camera and how she kept seeing it move on the security feed out of the corner of her eye.

Her: I think it’s that big one that was hanging out by the front door. Only it got bigger.
Me: And it relocated. It wanted to get it’s 15 minutes of fame so it found a camera. Now it’s got a web show.

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